Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Opryland & Catch-up

Amazing that almost a week has slipped by since my last post. Going to post more Opryland pics and tonight's post will be the last of them for this trip. As you can see, the hotel is just fabulous and one of a kind...although I think I mentioned that we did have a snarfo with getting our room. Seems they've given us a complimentary night (pending availability) due to the mix-up. My hubby made reservations, yet when we got there, there were NO king balcony rooms. They promised us one with the understanding it was being cleaned & would be ready in 30 minutes & we were welcome to wander the hotel until it was ready & they'd call us. David planned for us to shower & put on nice duds & have an upscale meal, but because of them telling us it would only be about 30 minutes, we walked around looking at the waterfalls & stuff rather than going ahead and eating. After all, 30 minutes wasn't that long & we'd still have time to eat at a nice place. 2 1/2 hours later we were at the front desk asking about our room because we hadn't gotten a call. By the time we got to our room (we had to take a double bed room to get a balcony) it was only 45 minutes until our boat ride reservations so we thought we'd run to the food court & grab a quick bite. Only the food court closed at 8 and it was like 8:05 when we got there & nothing was open except for Ben & Jerry's & Christie Cookie. Now, there were still LOTS of nice restaurants & sports bars and such open, but we had to be at the boat dock for our 8:45 reservation so...we had cookies for dinner before our cider champagne. Hey, I got to have a cookie for dinner on my birthday...works for me. (okay, really I was starved, but I'm making good of the one blight on the weekend!)

This shot was taken while standing on a walkway. Remember, all these pictures are taken INSIDE the hotel. :) Beautiful!!The conference Center...guess we'll be spending lots of time here in 2010 for the RWA National Conference held in Nashville!!!Here's looking down on one of the many gazeebos. I love this shot because there was a bride & groom taking pics. You can see the bride to the bottom right of the picture.Shots from standing on the balcony of my hotel room. This fountain is amazing. It puts on the Aqua show. The water danced to music & at night it was colorful. Beautiful. We sat on the balcony watching the show till around midnight. I think that's the time the music quietened, but it was awesome & not intrusive. A great, great view.

Another waterfall.

Here's a quick catch-up:

My son crowned the homecoming queen at his school last Thursday during the ceremony.I sent my agent my new single title proposal. I'm way excited about it. It's truly one of those high concept ideas that gets you giggly inside.

Work is super busy. Enough said.

My paints and such are sitting right where I left them when I returned to work. I haven't finished my kitchen or my hallway yet. GOT to do that soon. But I'm enjoying my remodeled living and dining room. :)

I'm walking about 5 miles most days now. Haven't lost a single pound---how the heck does that work????---but I feel great & my cholesterol is doing good things. :) And, guess what!!!??? Tonight, I crossed the 2,000 mark on sponsorships!! Yes!!! Thanks to Dr. Keith Young, Marcrom's Pharmacy, Trans Med, and Butch & Eleanor Lynn!!! I only have $140 to go to reach the minimum donations!!!! :) Thank you all for helping to make my dream of doing this succesfully come true! If you'd like to donate/sponsor my walk, Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support The Breast Cancer 3-Day

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Janice! Your son looks really nice and even excited about the whole crowning thing! ;-) Congrats on reaching your goal for the walk and on on the proposal! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!