Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jana Mercy's Her Last Fling!

If you've read very much of my blog at all you'll have heard me mention as it's a group of my dearest friends. One of the playmates writes under a pen name for Ellora's Cave and today is her ebook release date!!! This is Jana's first book, so if you like 'em fun & HOT, be sure to go download your copy!!!

ISBN #9781419914522

Her Last Fling By Jana Mercy
He was her last fling. She was his first.

Tired of dead-end relationships, Katy Simmons is determined to find her forever man. Only problem is, every time she thinks she's found him, he turns out to be a dud and she no longer trusts her instincts where good-looking men are concerned.

After years of walking the straight and narrow while caring for his ill mother and building his career, Noah Hilton has earned the right to let loose. He's ready to taste the wilder side of life. However, his matchmaking mother has other plans.

When Noah's mother and Katy turn to the same computer dating service, the embers of Katy and Noah's not-so-forgotten encounter spark to life in a flame that threatens to devour Katy's best intentions and Noah's worst.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this cover. I will have to buy this to see what is up with that cow?

mak said...

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