Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So, my hubby & I have been looking at houses for the past few weeks. We've found 3 that we really really like and that are within our ballpark price range. All of them have little things that make it more appealing than the others or have deterants that make it less appealing than the others. One is located perfectly. I mean 10 acres located perfectly for our needs. But we like that house the least of the 3. The house is gorgeous but really needs one more room for my family. The second house is gorgeous, has a fishing pond, 11 acres, and the house has a 2500 sq foot basement in addition to the generously sized house. Oh, and did I mention the fabulous garage that comes with its own full bath? But the location sucks. It's only 3 miles out of town, but it's off a GRAVEL road and the closest neighbors have a bazillion HOUND DOGS & BEAGLE DOGS. Not appealing even though there is a good distance between the houses. The third house has no pond. :( No large garage, but it's located decently. Not ideally like house #1, but still not bad. The house itself is the nicest of the 3 houses. No basement. :( But all the kids would have their own room and I'd still have a room for an office, too. hey, when you have 4 kids, their having their own room is a big deal. ;) I think my husband likes house #3 best. Well, I know he does. I'm torn between house #2 & house #3, but keep thinking about how convenient house #1 is. I mean, whatever we decide is where we're likely to spend the rest of our lives, so this is a very big deal for us. On prices, house #2 is probably the one we can get for the best price. House #3 is 20K higher than the other 2 to begin with. House #3 just went on the market a month ago so probably not so much wiggle room on price. Decisions. Decisions. Who knows if we'll end up with any of the three, but looking is exciting and fun...and a bit scary, too.

Writing wise...well, I've been playing with pen names. I think if I ever write under a pen name I should use JANICE McCONAUGHEY. Several of my friends have vetoed this emphatically as they say no one can spell Matthew's last name. So, I thought maybe I'd go with JANICE MATTHEWS. ;) Unfortunately that was shot down too. Such picky friends I have. vbg.

Oh! And if you haven't picked up a copy of Tawny Weber's DOUBLE DARE--do so now! It's currently in stores. :) It was such a cool thing to walk into Wal-mart and see her book on the shelf!!! And her cover is really fab, too! If you like fun, sassy, sexy reads, this book is for you!!!

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