Sunday, November 02, 2008

Football, Halloween, & speech

My youngest plays youth league football. He's number 3 for the Eagles. :) He loves playing. I'm not a huge football fan, but I know he's the offensive center & is moved around on defense. The first pic has him getting ready to pass the ball back at the beginning of the down. :)

In this picture he's playing defensively and is tied up with 8, but I believe is looking at the kid running the ball (10 on the Cowboys). I really have lots of fun watching him play (also a few nerve wrecking moments at the hits & falls). His team hasn't done so well this year--they've only won one game--but he's had lots of fun!

On Friday, my daughter had to give a speech at school while dressed as the person she was giving the speech on. She was Ruth Bader Ginsberg. :) I was so proud of her!!

I mentioned my Fall fun/Halloween party over at, and thought I'd post a few pictures from that night. I remembered to take pictures right as people were starting to arrive and right as everyone was leaving. Brilliant. I know. :)

Just getting started...My favorite Geisha girl!
The 80s chicks!
My grandparents (who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on 10/30!) take it easy & stay warm. :)
Oh, and I have to share my good news! I've sold 5 books in the past week & a half. 4 to Harlequin & 1 to another publisher. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm psyched!!!