Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad

SURGEON BOSS, SURPRISE DAD is now available at under the Harlequin Medical Romance section. Harlequin Medical Romance novels are difficult to find in bookstores in the US as they aren't generally sold retail in the US and the books are available online for a month, so if you want your own copy, order during the month of March.

Here's a link: Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad

Dedicated surgeon and confirmed bachelor Adam Cline didn't think he'd ever settle down, until beautiful nurse Liz stole his heart away!

But when Adam learns he can never give Liz the life she's always dreamed of, he tells her that, for her sake, he must walk away.

But Liz has a secret of her own. Putting her broken heart aside, she decides to tell Adam she is expecting his baby. Now, no matter what the future holds, Liz must prove to Adam that their one chance at happiness is to come together—as a family.

This book is special to me in many ways. One, some of the names are names from the Coffee County Adult Literacy fundraiser where the opportunity for your name to appear in one of my books was auctioned off to raise money to improve adult literacy. And, also because the characters who are in the book stole my heart with their plight. I hope you enjoy Adam & Liz's story as much as I enjoyed writing it--okay, truth is, I hope you enjoy it much more than that as I struggled writing this book, but do love the end product. Hope you will to.

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