Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad

Be sure to order your copy of Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad and The Doctor's Meant-to-be Marriage. Remember the Medical Romance line is not generally available in US bookstores :( and once eharlequin sells out getting my books in the US becomes fairly difficult so order now. :)

Dedicated surgeon and confirmed bachelor Adam Cline didn't think he'd ever settle down, until beautiful nurse Liz stole his heart away!

But when Adam learns he can never give Liz the life she's always dreamed of, he tells her that, for her sake, he must walk away.

But Liz has a secret of her own. Putting her broken heart aside, she decides to tell Adam she is expecting his baby. Now, no matter what the future holds, Liz must prove to Adam that their one chance at happiness is to come together—as a family.

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Chelsea Majors met sexy Jared Floyd when they shared one fleeting but oh-so-memorable kiss ten years ago—the kiss that made her feel beautiful for the very first time. Now Dr. Majors has come to join Jared Floyd's practice, and discovers that although Dr. Floyd is just as smoldering as ever, there's a sadness in his eyes….

Chelsea brings life and sparkle to the surgery—and everyone can see the smile start to return to Jared's chiseled face. As Chelsea and Jared gradually find their way back to one another, Jared begins to realize that this might be his last chance to make Chelsea his bride.

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