Friday, December 22, 2006

Spice Girl!

REVENGE FOR HIRE won the SPICY category of Smoky Mountain Romance Writer's SSSS contest!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDERGROUND PLEASURE placed THIRD. Yes, I kicked my own butt. ;)

REVENGE FOR HIRE is one of my favorite stories that I've written. I have sooooo many promotional ideas for that book and sincerely hope one of the editors who has it sees it's potential. It's my first really kick-butt heroine book and I had an absolute blast writing it. :)

For the book I just sold I have to write a letter to the readers who buy the book. That's a bit daunting, I'm finding. What I really, really want to say is "PLEASE BUY & LOVE THIS BOOK." But somehow, that doesn't seem quite appropriate, ya know?? ;) Guess I'll figure out something.

Oh, and in honor of the new James Bond film, I'm going to post a picture of Daniel Craig today. :) I'm using him as my newest hero...named Daniel, of course. :) Dr. Daniel Travis.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I sold to Harlequin!!

I'm over-the-moon to announce that I sold to Harlequin yesterday in a 2 book deal!!!!!! :) Yes, this is the absolute best Christmas present I could think of since I've dreamed of a sale to Harlequin since I was about 12. :) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so I have this fabulous single title proposal out that it would really psych me up to sale, too, because I love that story more than any I've ever written and think it has the potential to be HUGE! and perhaps selling that would be like Matthew McConaughey showing up in a Santa suit, making me sit on his lap, and his asking me what I'd like for Christmas...okay, so I am living in a fantasy world, but OMG! I sold to Harlequin so I'm allowed a bit of giddiness, right???

The very first romances I remember ever reading were Harlequins. I just can't believe I'm actually a Harlequin author now. I keep pinching myself wondering if I'm going to wake up and it not be true.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Winterfest King & Queen

I mentioned a few posts back that my son was going to crown the Basketball homecoming queen for his school. The game was last night & I thought I'd share a few pics. :) He had to put her crown on her, give her flowers, and sash her. He had a little bit of a problem with the sash, but it was kinda cute..until it came loose.... :)

I chaperoned the dance and I have to admit, it gave me the bug to want to write a YA. But I am going to resist that urge because I have too many irons in the fire already with pursuing single title and category romance. Plus I write a monthly column and a quarterly health article/feature. So, for now, I'm resisting...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Matthew McConaughey

I got several emails from folks letting me know that Matthew was on Oprah last week. Yum. :) What a man.
Of course, you know I'm in total denial of that nasty smoke rising from the middle picture. Ick. Someone write him a prescription for Chantix!!!! Of course, I'd volunteer my services free of charge. Would even throw in a complete body physical. Hey, I'm just doing my part to keep him healthy. ;)

Friday, December 08, 2006


My publisher is holding a Fan Forum where you vote for your favorite author. There are some really fabulous authors that write for Dorchester so it's not like I'm in the running for any kind of prize or anything ((not like the American Title contest)), but if you really enjoyed JANE MILLIONAIRE, I'd love for you to go show your support and vote for me. There's a catch--isn't there always??? You have to sign up for Dorchester Fan Registry. It's a newsletter (I think monthly) that gives you author updates, contest updates, etc.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate your support.

Raise your hand if you've voted?? Aw, Matthew, that's so sweet of you. ;) ((Hey, I write fiction for a living. What do you expect? ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Basketball Homecoming?

As ya may remember from my post at the beginning of the school year when Jessie was campaigning, my oldest son is the president of the student council at his school. Lots of interesting jobs come along with this position. Things like crowing the homecoming queen at the Football Homecoming. It was really cool watching him be a part of that ceremony. Something I thought would be a once in a lifetime kind of deal, but seems like I get to watch him crown another queen. His Jr. High is doing a basketball homecoming this year and naming a King & Queen. Interesting. Of course, this means missing his acting lessons that night...

Sometimes I think kids do too much these days. Just with my oldest son my hubby & I keep the road burning and he has at least one activity every night. Most nights he has two or three. I find myself encouraging him to learn and do all he can, but then, sometimes I think how nice it would be just to slow down and not have anything planned.

How does everyone else juggle crazy schedules?

Oh, and here's a Matthew McMcConaughey pic... YUM. :)