Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope your night is filled with lots of yummy treats. Here's one from me!!! One of my pals (Gemma Halliday) doctored it up a little bit prior to sending it to me, but ahhhh! what inspiration. And wouldn't it be such a treat to write Matthew McConaughey's abs into a book? I mean, I'd have to do lots and lots of research first...right???

Sunday, October 30, 2005

20th Class Reunion

My hubby's class reunion was fab. We were the last couple there as hubby put the whole thing together and had to make sure the deejay, etc. got paid. It's fun to see how much people have changed over the 20 years since graduation...hubby's, not mine. I've still got a few years to go...cause I'm 29...yeah...that's it, 29. Anyway, hubby had the girls at the reception desk give everyone a bookmark advertising Jane Millionaire. He'd asked me to bring a stack, so I autographed them & everyone got one & it was so fun! Sorta surreal.

I watched Bewitched tonight with Nicole Kidman. It was a cute movie. Even though I've never been a Will Ferrell (sp?) fan, I did enjoy him in this one. Nicole was fab as usual.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Deer tick warning!

I hate it when people forward bogus warnings . . . but this one is real, and it's important.

Please send this warning right away to everyone on your email list:

If someone comes to your front door saying they are conducting a survey on deer ticks and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! IT IS A SCAM; they only want to see you naked.

(I wish I'd gotten this yesterday! I feel so stupid.)

My pal Trish forwarded that to me & I got a big smile out of it and thought I'd share since it sorta goes with my #90 warning (which is real for business lines but not residential it would seem).

I'm going to my husband's 20th class reunion tonight. (Have I ever mentioned that he married me when I was in like kindergarten? That's why I'm still barely 29 and he's, well, not 29 & going to a 20th reunion. ) Should be an interesting evening as hubby helped put the whole thing together with the help of some lovely ladies and I think they've done an awesome job! And if it gets dull, I'll just dream of Matthew and plot my next book...


Friday, October 28, 2005

Pajama Party & Pillow Fights

The two go hand in hand, right? Well, tonight they do. My daughter is having a birthday sleep-over & what a great time these gals had. They're 7 & 8 year olds & the night's events included making cookies, eating pizza, blowing bubbles, playing dressup, playing Twister, taking & printing pictures, pillow-fighting on the Twister mat (if you stepped off you were out!), putting on their pajamas, then scrap-booking the pictures (I gave each girl a small scrapbook of their own to take home as a momento from the party), & now they're watching a movie to settle down--I hope. Lots of fun!!!

My boys all went to Nanna's house, my hubby went to a football game with friends, so it was truly a girls night in!!

All this estrogen is getting to me though...I think I need another Matthew fix...YUM!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

90# on the phone

My mother-in-law sent this to me & said she checked it out on the Urban Myths & Legends site & that it's true. Supposedly it usually happens to business lines, but I found it interesting & a little scary. Thought it worth posting even though I don't generally post about this kind of thing.


I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T Service technician who was conducting a test on telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine(9), zero(0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused.

Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number. I was further informed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons. I have also verified this information with UCB Telecom,Pacific Bell, MCI, Bell Atlantic and GTE. Please beware.

DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE.

The GTE Security Department requested that I share this information with EVERYONE I KNOW. PLEASE pass this on to everyone YOU know.

If you have mailing lists and/or newsletters from organizations you are connected with, I encourage you to pass on this information to them. After checking with Verizon they said it was true, so do not dial (9),zero(0), the pound sign # and hang up for anyone.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Terri Garey SOLD!!!!!!

On 10/11/05 a dear pal of mine, Terri Garey, sold an awesome book to Avon in a two book deal!!!! The book is called Dead Girls Are Easy & it's fabulous!!! Terri's writing voice is so much fun, she's going to set the writing world on fire!!!

To check out Terri & read excerpts & see what the fuss is all about, visit . I can't wait to buy a copy for my keeper shelf!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Black Leather Chaps

OOOHHHHHH! That got your attention, did it?

My hubby went shopping for me yesterday and, you guessed it, I am now the proud owner of my first pair of black leather chaps. Okay, to put this into proper perspective, my husband bought a motorcycle a couple of weeks ago. He's wanted one for a long time, but other things took priority. A friend told him about one that was for sale and the guy gave hubby a good deal, so now there's a shiny burgandy and black motorcycle with lots of chrome & leather, etc sitting in my garage.

Of course, when he brought this motorcycle home I asked him if he was going through a mid-life crisis a little early. He grinned and said he'd gotten a two-seater & was taking me along. Literally. So, I suppose that it only makes sense that when he went and bought black leather chaps & a black leather jacket & a skull cap for himself that he decked me out in black leather, too.

My chaps are a little long, but I'm told they're easily altered. Guess I'll soon find out.

Did I mention that he also got me a black leather pair of shorts??? Like I'm going to ride that motorcycle in least I think that's when he meant for me to wear them....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Roses Every Month For A Year Contest

In celebration of Jane Millionaire's upcoming release, I'm hosting a really cool contest. I'm giving away ROSES EVERY MONTH FOR A YEAR.

Why roses? Well, there's a rose on Jane's cover and my hero thinks she smells like roses so it just seemed fitting. Besides, how cool to get fresh roses delivered every month for an entire year!!!??? Yes, I know, it would be even cooler if Matthew McConaughey would personally deliver them or if it was a rose erotically held between Johnny Depp's teeth, but work with me here.

One of my friends suggested I make it chocolate, but I was afraid at the end of the year the winner would have gained a bazillion pounds and would never buy one of my books again, so I left it roses.

Be sure to enter! All the details & how to enter are posted at

I can't wait to see who the winner is going to be!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Slave labor

aka making my kids earn their room & board.

Tonight I'm working on a mailing to go out to some booksellers. Part of the mailing is autographed bookmarks. No big deal just reading that comment...okay, let me put this into prospective...I have now autographed 14,000 bookmarks. OMG. Can you say Carpal Tunnel syndrome??? No, I didn't originally buy 14K bookmarks. I bought 10K and ran out! So I bought another 5 K thinking I'd never go through them and I'm almost out again! I can't believe how fast they're going. I recently recommended to a friend that she purchase 15K to begin with and she thought I was nuts. Got an email from her today and she told me I was right and she wished she'd bought more. It's a fairly inexpensive promo tool and has all the pertinent information about your book on it and it's easy to hand out to family, friends, & strangers...and oh yeah, booksellers.

I know not every author sends out bookmarks, but Jane Millionaire is my first book so I'm having fun with it and putting my kids to work in the process.

What work? Well, those 14K autographed bookmarks were put in stacks of 10 bookmarks and then rubberbanded. My kids have had a blast doing this. They build pyramids with the stacks, pretend they're warriors and goblins battling it out, and so forth (yes, my kids do have active imaginations). After I ran out of bookmarks the first time, my 3 youngest kept asking me if we needed to do bookmarks and could they help. My oldest hasn't ever gotten into it or else he just thinks it's a good time for him to be on the computer since I'm off. (he accuses me of being a computer hog--the nerve! )

Most of all, I think my kids enjoy it because it's time we spend together laughing and talking while I sign and they count, rubber-band and stack. It also makes them feel an important part of the whole process---which they are since they are my inspiration and greatest joy.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Jane Millionaire~post #1 Jessie Davidson

As promised, once a week or so, I'm going to post from the point of view of one of Jane Millionaire's characters in a build-up to the books release on November 29!!!

Jessie is the younger sister of JANE MILLIONAIRE's heroine, Jill Davidson.

From the diary of Jessie Davidson:

OMG! You're never going to believe the major career coup that I've landed! I'm going to be the star of a reality television show! A pretend princess even. Twelve gorgeous Prince Charmings are going to wine and dine me and do their best to woo me into choosing them as Mr. Jane Millionaire. How cool is that? I mean, I've been busting my hump trying to break into the acting world and now, I'm the star of a reality television show! Wow!

But, shhhh! Don't tell my big sis (I mean she's only a year older, but you'd think she was ancient or something by the way she acts all bossy and stuff) because she'll freak out on me that I fibbed a little on my bio. Okay, so I fibbed a lot, but it's not like pretending to be a princess is going to require me to do more than wrap those hunky bachelors around my eager little finger. Men! God, I love them!!! And Jilly will be so proud that I've finally done something right. & all on my own, too.

Watch out world, here comes Jessie Davidson! aka Reality Show Princess (that really has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Breakfast in my Sleeping Bag

My husband thought it would make a great title for a book. I wasn't so sure I agreed, but thought it an appropriate blog title.

I spent the weekend with my husband and two youngest kids at Boy Scout camp. We arrived Friday evening and set up our tents and roasted marshmellows & had a great time. Well, I didn't sleep a whole lot because of one of the dads was the king of snoring and I couldn't sleep (think bear roaring in the woods...or a cow someone was torturing...) Anyway, it was a llllloooonnnnngggg night. On Saturday morning, my husband served me breakfast in my sleeping bag. Yum. He'd made biscuits in his dutch oven and this yummy egg, sausage, cheese, & hash brown concoction that was really good.

During the day we had a fabulous time with the kiddos. We saw lots of deer, went to cub world, got on a pirate's ship, played in a castle, visited an Indian village, climbed all over a fort, went to an archery class, shot BB guns, uhm...I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it was a fun-filled day as you can tell. That night we told stories around the campfire. It was so cool listening to the kids make up stories. My daughter was a riot. It was the never-ending story...don't know where she gets that.

Unfortunately the man who was the snorer had to go home. I say unfortunately because his son got dehydrated and sick. Even after pushing the water, he wanted to go home (the son, not the dad), so they went home. Saturday night...I slept like a baby.

This morning, hubby woke me up and served me pancakes and bacon in my sleeping bag...ya know, if it wasn't for having to sleep on the ground with 1700 boy scouts around, I could get into camping...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

High concept

High concept. What a buzz term in the writing industry. & what is it exactly? I've had it explained to me in several different ways. The way that made the most sense to me, well, on a writing loop a gal whose opinion I trust says that explanation isn't accurate. So now, I'm left wondering, what is high concept???

Okay, the explanation given originally was to relate it to something within the media that's well known/of interest, such as a movie, world event, etc. For Jane Millionaire, I've always said my high concept was "Miss Congeniality meets Joe Millionaire". Apparently this is more of a tag line rather than a high concept per the discussion taking place on the writing loop. However, for my story, I think the above fits. Perhaps it's more of a way to set a stage in the person's mind I'm pitching the story to. I mean, for Jane, it's an undercover cop who's a big tomboy who goes undercover on a reality television show to save her sister's butt. Perhaps it could be argued that it's the 'reality show' twist itself that is the 'high concept'.

So, I'm wondering, what does high concept mean to you? What's your definition? Or ideas on this? I'm off to read Diana Peterfruend's explanation at The Knight Agency's blog, as I hear it's an excellent explanation. Very curious as to how others view this term.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sex Education

While in NJ I sat next to a wonderful author who writes for another publishing house and we had a great conversation about talking to our kids about sex.

My oldest is 13. Hers was 15. Both are boys. She hadn't had "the" discussion with him yet. I strongly urged her to do this as, unfortunately, odds are this is something he's dealing with now. As many of you know, I work as a health care provider and do a lot of women's health and counseling. I told her that I start counseling on sex ed at around 10. TEN??? You're saying. YEP, I say. Why??? Because I have parents bringing in kids who are 12 & 13 who've been sexually active for years. I've talked to colleagues around the country. This isn't something that's localized to my area of the country. Fact is, KIDS are having sex. Either we educate them to protect themselves and teach them the risks of unprotected sex or we deal with telling kids that they have diseases they'll have for the rest of their lives.

So, if you have kids, talk to them. How? That's so embarrassing and I know my kid is NOT having sex, you say. Uhm...maybe. Maybe not. But you better bring the subject up and be matter of fact about it. Talk to your child like they are an adult on this subject. Be honest. Say "I don't want you to have sex until you're married", "I do not approve of pre-marital sex", "I hope you graduate from high school a virgin". Whatever it is you feel/believe. Then say, "However, statistics say that it is unlikely you will graduate from high school a virgin or will wait until you're married. I do not condone your becoming sexually active but, should you make the choice to do this, I want you to know how to protect yourself." Talk to them about condoms, STDs, be non-threatening. You want your kid to feel comfortable being honest with you about this, so be honest with them.

Again, I stress that I do not approve of kids having sex, I pray my kids never have sex...well, at least not until they are old enough to really understand what they're doing, the risks they're taking, and the responsibilities that can come from having sex--you know, like when they're thirty or so, they can 'think' about it. But knowledge is power and we need to educate our kids. If we don't, they will learn about sex elsewhere. Either through trial and error experience or from friends, etc. If they learn it else where, there may be consequences. Just something to think about & as it's on my mind tonight, thought I'd share.

On the rest of my NJ trip, I can't get my pictures to download, but as soon as I figure it out, I'll share.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jane Millionaire Reviews!

Here's review #1

Contemporary Romance Writers - A Romance Designs Community Website

Review for Jane Millionaire
Author: Janice Lynn
Date of Review: 10/10/05
Reviewed by: Rhae

Reviewer Comments: Jane Millionaire is a lively, hilarious tale that shows that the best part of reality television may not be what is shown to viewers. Both Jill and Rob are very well written characters that will take readers on an emotional roller coaster of attraction, hurt and healing.

Jill Davidson is used to protecting her little sister from trouble. However, this new problem is an original even for Jessie. Now she is in a castle, in the middle of a small country that no one has ever heard of, pretending to be her sister in the reality television show of "Jane Millionaire". Jill is not an actress just a simple police officer pretending to be a glamorous princess. If she pulls this off she would be amazed after all most men look at her as "just a friend" not a potential date let alone wife. If things aren't complicated enough the producer is the only man in her life who has set her on fire and he is completely off limits, or is he?

Rob Lancaster has had a run of bad luck both professionally and in love. If it were not for his best friend and father figure he would not be caught dead producing reality television no matter how much it would help his career. However his biggest problem with the show is the star herself. His first glimpse of Jill Davidson was like getting hit over the head by a two by four, and he hasn't been able to get up ever since. Rob is now in the battle of his life by fighting the immense attraction to Jill while she is being courted by a dozen hunky bachelors. Can he learn to trust his heart to a woman that he believes is only trying to further her career through him but makes him feel as no other woman has or will he let his past ruin his future?

Here's review #2

Reading JANE MILLIONAIRE is a sheer delight. A fantasy story you will love, two super romances and snappy dialogue makes for a wild and fun reality show with gorgeous bachelors, a beautiful princess in a castle, and a producer to die for. Two twin sisters switch places and all hell breaks loose as things get more complicated by the minute as the show gets into filming as the real princess gets into the act. Don’t miss this fabulous book. Janice Lynn is definitely an author to watch!

Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/The Belles & Beaux of Romance

Yep, I'm thrilled. It's a bit scary to send your first book out to reviewers knowing it's their job to say whether or not you suck. I can not begin to tell you how relieved I am to have two positive reviews back! Actually, I already had one from Fallen Angel that was fab! So that makes 3 positives. (I need an icon that sings & dances & gets down tonight!)

If all goes as planned, I'll post more New Jersey stuff tomorrow & then will blog from Jane Millionaire characters point of views very soon!

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Banana, The Security Guard, & the Strip Search

Friday morning I rushed out of the house somewhere between 4:30 AM & 5 AM. On my way out I grabbed a bottled water and a banana & threw them into my backpack, planning to eat/drink them later. Only, I was rushing and forgot.

I was the last passenger to check in at the gate (imagine that!) & they'd overbooked the flight & I got involuntarily bumped to the next flight to Newark. I wasn't happy, but I smiled, thanked the man, and took the $300 airline dollars & $32 airport food money to help me kill the 2 hours until the next flight. I asked him where he'd go eat breakfast if someone else was paying. So I headed to the restaurant he said even though it meant going back out of the security check point (I had 2 hours to kill why not go through security twice??). I had a scrumptious breakfast of Strawberry pancakes, a glass of milk, a glass of orange juice, & a soda. Okay, so I was thirsty and someone else was paying. Even after all that, my breakfast was only around $10. So I asked if I could give the other vouchers away and my waitress said sure. So I watched other diners and picked out a couple with 2 kids and gave $20 toward their breakfast. It was super cool. I've heard about people who do that (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill have been noted doing this around Nashville) and think it would be so cool to be able to do this routinely, surprise people by paying for their orders, etc.---but I digress, don't I? Back to the story. After I left the restaurant, I waited in the security check line and YOU KNOW what happens next.

Yep, I was chosen for the full check. The pat down, search everything I own search. I took my laptop out of my backpack and sat it on the tray and put my backpack in another. They had me leave my shoes on and took me to a different place at the side of the security check point. A lady waved the wand all around me and patted me down. Couldn't see her face so I don't know if she was enjoying herself or not. A nice-looking hispanic gentleman in his 50s? brought the trays with my stuff in them over to where I was and set them on the table. He lifted my laptop and someone had put their muddy shoes in the tray prior to me and my laptop was wet on the bottom. I go to touch it & he says I can't touch anything once the search is started. So, he took a paper towel and cleaned it off. Next is my backpack. He puts the wand in and frowns when he pulls it out. I'm watching, wondering if cops and dogs are going to surround me any moment. He pulls some of my stuff out and says that something is messy in my bag. Then he makes a yucky face and says he knows what the problem is.

Yeah, you guessed it. My banana. I'd forgotten it and in all the taking stuff in and out of my backpack it had gotten smushed. The bottom half was missing. Well, not really missing, but no longer inside the peel and not anywhere even resembling solid. My backpack was lined with mush. My stuff is covered with mush. Note: I'm in the middle of a security check and can not touch any of my things. Guess who had to clean all my stuff and my backpack? Yep, the security guard. Of course, I chatted with him the entire time he cleaned. Twenty minutes into his cleaning, I'm quite enjoying myself and thanking the stars above that I'd been selected for a security check cause can you imagine the ick factor when I reached into my backpack to pull something out and my fingers squished into banana yuck? I might have even been on the plane at that time and had nothing to clean it with. By this time, the security guard found it as humorous as I did (maybe because I was teasing him?) and was laughing and cutting up with me. He ran out of papertowels and had to send another guard to get more papertowels. When he got my backpack spotless (better than before I'm sure), I laughed and told him that I was going to take him home with me. He got a big goofy grin on his face, wiggled his brows, and said "OKAY!!" Note to self: Be very, very careful when telling men you're going to take them home with you because they just might say yes.

So now you're probably asking about the "strip" part of the search, wondering if the security guard decided I needed checked again & in more secretive places. Had he looked like Matthew I would have volunteered for the full body search. but, alas, he didn't and I'm married and a one man kind of girl anyway (with the exception of Matthew & he doesn't count since he's my freebie ). Nor did I think dear hubby would appreciate my bringing a man home and saying I'd picked him up at the airport because he cleaned banana really well...nope, don't think that would fly around here at all. Actually, I just thought the "strip" part added a nice touch...I mean, it did grab your attention, right????

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

After a three hour flight delay (can you say ugh???), I'm finally home, visited with my family, tucked the kids in, snuggled with honey, and am now sneaking online to check email and blog a quickie .

Very funny that on my flight home I met a professor from Vanderbilt, a current student from Vanderbilt, and then me (an alumni) from Vanderbilt. How weird is that when there were around 50 people on board? And that's just the ones I know of. Probably one of those geeky things that impress me that no one else would think anything of, but I thought it neat.

The conference was great, but I'm glad to be home. It's back to work and the real world tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get my pictures downloaded and I'll post some of them here. Oh, and I've got to tell you about the Security guard, the banana, & the strip search. Yep, I thought that might get your attention. Just one of my many airport adventures I'll be sharing this week...