Sunday, December 06, 2009

December already?

Wow! Time sure has gone by quickly this year. Quick catch-up on me.
I'm blogging over at eharlequin about Christmas ornaments on December 7th but the post is already live. Here's a quick picture of some of the homemade & special ornaments on my family tree.
My kids have been busy. James is playing basketball and the season is going full swing. So far they've won all their games. Jessie & Jacob recently were in The Crucible. Jessie played Reverend Parris and Jacob played Farmer Nurse. Farmer Nurse got out of costume before I got his picture, but here's one of Reverend Parris.

And prior to this Reverend Parris celebrated his 18th birthday, which his mother has mixed feelings about.

I gave my grandmother a copy of The Nurse's Baby Miracle (my October release!) as it's dedicated to her and 10/30 was her 61st wedding anniversary. And then there was Halloween.
In October, Abby & I went to see our pals Kath & Annie. While there we went to the Statue of Liberty and the Cape May lighthouse, among other fabulous things.
Abby & I on the beach in Cape May with the light house behind us. We went to the top of the lighthouse. The view was amazing!
Kathleen Long & I at the Statue of Liberty.

Oh, and the hardback version of Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad came out this month. :) The paperback comes out in February in the UK & the US. :)