Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Agent Christine Hogroebe

Is doing a Q & A blog post on 1/30/08 over at http://writersatplay.com/wordpress/ Christina is fabulous Avon author Terri Garey's agent and has wonderful insight into the publishing industry. Be sure to stop by the blog and post a comment. There's no telling what we'll be giving away over on the playground tomorrow. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Doctor's Meant-to-be Marriage

I got a new cover today!!! Yea!!! This is for my May book. It comes out in hardback in March and paperback in May! I'm really excited about this book as it's dedicated to my parents. :)

It's set in Gulf Shores so I'd thought I might get one of those lovely sea/sunset covers, but I'm happy. That could be Jared and Chelsea. :)

Oh...and I sold another book last week. WOO HOO! More news to follow on that. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Last night, my sister and I took our parents to watch Dancing with the Stars. I've mentioned it here before, but I'm not much of a television person. I'd never seen a single episode. Yes, I live under a rock. But truth is, I hadn't. So my first Dancing with the Stars experience was live--which was actually way cool!

We bought our tickets because my Mom LOVES Helio & Julianna. I mean, she's ga-ga over them. Not quite in the way I USED to be over Matthew, but close.

We didn't get to meet Helio or Julianna in person, but we were fortunate enough to get to meet Brian Fortunaand Mark Ballas!And we got to meet Ednyta (sp?). She was totally amazing! All the dancers were. It was a really great show and made me wish I had an iota of their talent!We did get to see Helio several times when he and Julianna danced. My Mom was thrilled with he came out in his "bananna" suit. LOL. Here he is with Wayne Newton and Monica from High School Musical.

I may break down and watch Dancing with the Stars when the new season starts up in March...Actually I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My friend Mona Risk's first book!!

This post is taken directly from www.writersatplay.com/wordpress where my playmate Mona Risk posted about the release of her very first romance novel, TO LOVE A HERO. I'm so excited for her!

My Journey to Publication
Posted by: monaFiled under: The Writing Life — January 15, 2008 @ 1:08 am
TO LOVE A HERO by Mona Risk
Available January 17, 2008
I can’t believe it!!! In two days only, exactly two days, my book will be up for sale at Cerridwen Press site. My first book. The book of my heart.
It all started ten years ago. In a different life, I was Director of the Analytical Division of an environmental company. I supervised a staff of chemists performing analytical tests and I worked on various government contracts. A monotonous predictable life that suddenly changed when I won a contract to refurbish a military laboratory in Belarus.
I traveled fifteen times to Minsk, capital of Belarus, and was well received by everyone. I worked with colonels and generals, chemists and engineers, and even journalists. I was invited to theirs homes and became friend with their wives. During the inauguration of the lab we were featured on their national TV. Needless to say, I fell in love with the country.
Five years later, I took an early retirement to write my first book, TO LOVE A HERO. Through my novel, a fictional story about an American chemist and a Belarussian officer, I lived again my fantastic trips to Belarus. My story highlights the hospitality and warmth of the gorgeous and gallant Belarussians officers who sing, toast with vodka and make a woman feel like a goddess.
The hero, Major General Sergei Fedorin, has pledged to cleanup his country of the nuclear pollution that killed his wife and threatens his nation with cancer. American aid allows him to start his mission by refurbishing an old military laboratory. The patriotic Sergei is a true hero in his country, an alpha man who protects millions of citizens, a controlled public figure, watched and scrutinized by everyone, admired and revered, but not allowed to breathe, or love, or live a personal life. He accepts it all because of his love for Belarus.
When the lovely American chemist stumbles on the escalator of the airport straight into his arms, Sergei has more on his mind than nuclear pollution.
Raised in boarding schools, Cecile learned to fend for herself at an early age. She buried her loneliness under long hours of study and work. Now she’s determined to excel in her first international contract. So many people are watching over her shoulders: her boss at EAL; John Gordon, the government auditor who came with her to Belarus; the chauvinistic Belarussians officers; the treacherous Colonel Roussov who would go to any length to destroy Sergei; and especially Rob, her ex-fiancĂ©, the sleaze ball who snatched her promotion at EAL. Nothing can detract her from her mission
In Belarus, a Russian country dominated by male chauvinism and intrigues, Cecile finds much more chemistry than she bargains for, and in the arms of General Sergei, she learns that chemicals are not the only things that can generate heat.
I had a lot of fun writing this book and I hope you will discover a new country and interesting culture while reading TO LOVE A HERO.
Some of my personal experiences are related in my book. I even included my fall on the broken escalator of the airport. I was rescued by my lab manager while my heroine (the smart woman) fell into the arms of a hero to die for, the handsome Major General Sergei who made her pulse race and stole her heart.
Writing a book is one thing. Have it published is another. During my journey to publication, I often pondered if it wasn’t easier to refurbish the lab in Belarus, struggle with the chauvinism of my foreign clients and pass the thin-comb inspections of government auditors.
I wrote my book in three months and spent four years editing it. I entered my manuscript in numerous contests and edited according to judges’ comments, submitted to innumerable critiques and edited according to CPs suggestions, requested help from wonderful mentors and edited according to pertinent advice, and I edited, and I edited…for months, for years, while trying to save the plot and create my voice.
I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel when TO LOVE A HERO garnered three full scores in the Wallflower contest for First Kiss, and the overall highest score. I won a critique by a famous literary agent who liked the story but said it would be tough to market because of the Russian setting. I heard similar remarks from various editors. One of them suggested I make my hero a Greek billionaire instead of a Russian General. Not the same. Not the same at all. I put my book on a shelf, saved it in a forgotten computer folder and worked on medical stories that finalled several times.
Last year at the FRW conference in Miami, Raelene Gorlinsky was sitting at a table waiting for the next writer to come and pitch her story. I stood at the door of the room admiring her adorable hat. No one showed up. A writer asked who was the lady with the hat. I said. “She’s Ellora’s Cave’s publisher.” Behind me the coordinator answered, “And Cerridwen Press’s. But her last one didn’t show up. Do you want to go?” That made me jump. I hadn’t planned to talk to Raelene and I didn’t have a pitch, but a minute later I sat in front of Ms. Gorlinsky trying to summarize the book of my heart. Raelene smiled, asked questions, and I relaxed.
A week later I sent my requested material to Cerridwen Press and a month later came the first e-mail from Helen Woodall requesting the whole manuscript. By then my mother had been rushed to the hospital with congestive heart failure. I copied my manuscript on my laptop and stayed at the hospital all day, helping my mother drink and eat, and in between, reading, editing and revising. I sent my manuscript to Helen after two weeks.
It was 7:30 am on May 15. Still half asleep from a late night, I saw Helen’s e-mail address on my e-mails and the heading, TO LOVE A HERO. I froze unable to open it and called my husband. He clicked on the e-mail and hugged me before I could even read it. Cerridwen Press would like to offer you a contract. Oh my God. I cried and I laughed. We bought a box of chocolate and took it to the hospital instead of champagne.I was a published author. Finally. I wrote an acceptance letter to Helen, a delirious letter, that was far from professional. My book is due in two days.Check http://www.cerridwenpress.com/ to order for TO LOVE A HERO, a sizzling love story in an exotic setting.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I heard a rumor!

That my Matthew has been cheating. Okay, so I knew he was using what's her name as a cover--after all, I am already taken. But he was NOT supposed to get her pregnant. Sigh. It is with much sadness that I'm declaring an end to my fantasy affair with Matthew. I just don't mess around with men who are expectant fathers. Not even in my fantasy world. There's something sacred about a pregnant woman that should be cherished and revered, so....congrats to Matthew and what's her name. ;) I wish you much happiness and success as parents.

Of course, if the rumor turns out not to be true...;)

Actually, I hope it is. I can not imagine being in my late thirties and not having that someone special in my real life (as opposed to my fantasy life occupied with Matthew). I can't imagine not having children. Motherhood is the one thing in my life that I'd hang on to until the very end. My children are my whole world. And as fun as it is to post pictures and to make silly posts about Matthew, I have a good life and would want the same for him--for everyone, really. The world would be a much better place if we were all happy with our personal lives.

I got tickled today because I had several friends--writers and none--send me fun emails. Some of them even signed from "Matthew". LOL. All of them made me laugh out loud. One from my pal Dangergirl totally cracked me up. In that note, "Matthew" was begging for my forgiveness. Of course, I jotted a response back to "Matthew" and told him that we were through and that I planned to take Daniel Craig up on his persistent offers to show me why they call him 007. ;) Currently, I'm playing under the slide with Daniel over at the playground and considering his pleas for me to become Bond girl #1.

FYI, I'm doing a booksigning this weekend from 12-4 at the Coffee County Manchester Public Library. And that night I'll be in Nashville to go to the Dancing with the Stars tour! Woo hoo.
Not that I've ever watched a single episode, but my sister and I are taking our Mom & Dad. My Mom is absolutely crazy about that show and adores Helio. I wish I could have gotten her table seats, but I didn't learn of the show until this week and just bought the tickets last night. Guess I should be grateful we were able to get tickets at all.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Win a copy of The Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell

I blogged over at http://writersatplay.com/wordpress/ today and from those who post a comment a name will be drawn to win a copy of my first Medical romance novel, The Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell. Yea! I'm really excited about this release--I know you can't tell. ;)

My post there is entitled Seducing the Muse and anyone can post so go do so. And be sure to check out that blog on a routine basis because there are some fabulous goodies going to be given away. Heck, I'm hoping to win a few of them....wonder if playmates are automatically disqualified....hmmm.....

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oops! I did it again!

I went wayyyyy too long in between blogs that is. :) I never mean to, but sometimes things happen. Like deadlines that sneak up on you and you find yourself literally still working on the book the day it's due. I got it finished and am happy with how it turned out, but it really did come down to the wire. If I'd had to mail it the old fashioned way I'd have been in trouble, though. :)

Look what I popped over to share though!!

The Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell by Janice Lynn

Surprise baby!GP Melissa Conner steeled herself to tell her partner her news: James, the man who'd always insisted he never wanted kids, was going to be a daddy!Only A&E consultant James Stanley dropped his own bombshell first—unhappy with the way work had overtaken their relationship, he was leaving! And then he discovered Melissa's pregnancy. A baby would re-open long-painful scars from his past. But he still loved Melissa, and after the ultrasound scan he was surprised to find he loved his unborn baby, too. Could this tiny scrap of life bring these two complex souls back together again? Yes, he hoped so… Be swept away by Janice Lynn's deeply moving and emotional debut novel!
List Price: $ 4.25
Our Price: $ 3.40
You Save: $ 0.85 (20%)
Quantity -->

Harlequin Medical Romance
Jan 2008
Category: Tender Romance
ISBN: 9780373066346 (#334)

I think this link will take you directly to eHarlequin if you want to have a look at the real thing. I tried to paste it in above, but I'm techno-challenged. :)