Saturday, October 16, 2010

Writing With The Stars!

You've heard of Dancing with the Stars? Well, now there's Writing with the Stars. The contest is being held very similar to the American Title contest that JANE MILLIONAIRE won back in 2005. My mentee, the very talented Madeline Smyth, is a finalist in this new writing contest! I'm so very proud of her. :)

Help make Madeline's dream of having her novel published a reality by voting for her novel, Aliya Arabesque, at here or by pasting in the following: It will bring up the link automatically just below the pasted part. You'll need to scroll to Madeline's photo before finalizing (same photo as on her blog at

Thanks so much! And let's keep our fingers crossed that she wins this awesome contest!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Officer, Surgeon...Gentleman! available now!

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing fabulous! I blogged over at eharlequin and am giving away a copy of my backlist to one lucky person who leaves a comment. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Click here to go directly to the post. :)
Also, my latest release OFFICER, SURGEON...GENTLEMAN! is now available from eharlequin! I had so much fun writing Cole & Amelia's story and hope you'll check out their story while it's still available. Click here to find out more.

Also, Dr. Di Angelo's Baby Bombshell is currently still available at eharlequin, but hurry to get your copy as they won't be available much longer. Click here for more details.

I'll be in Newark, New Jersey in a couple of weeks at the New Jersey Romance Writers Conference and am looking forward to catching up with friends old and making new!

In November, I'll be in Birmingham for the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon. If you're in the Birmingham area and haven't bought your ticket yet, be sure to check this luncheon out. There's always a fabulous turnout and lots of great authors to lunch with. Lots of fun.

In December, be sure to look for my next release, THE NURSE WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS. This is my first Christmas story and was lots of fun to try to capture the magic of Christmas while writing a Medical Romance. Love the paperback cover, but I haven't seen the hardback version yet, although I should be getting my author copy soon. :)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Officer, Surgeon...Gentleman!

Yea! I got copies of my October release in the mail and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover! This book was a challenge for me to write in many ways as I had to do LOTS of military research. I still worry that I may have gotten things incorrect, but am hoping my readers fall so in love with Cole and Amelia that they'll forgive any OOPS I may have inadvertantly made.
Check it out!

And this is the UK paperback version:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dr DiAngelo's Baby Bombshell

So excited that this book is finally out! Well, it's currently available in the UK in stores everywhere and it's available online at the Mills & Boon website. It'll be available in the US in just a few days via where it'll be on sale for the month of June.

Dr DiAngelo's Baby Bombshell got a great review at Wendy Marcus' blog. Click here or go to to read the review. :) Thanks to Wendy & everyone who left fabulous comments about my books! :)

Wendy's blog post made me realize though that I need to spend a few hours doing a major overhaul/update to my where is that manual Lisa prepared me on how to do that...oh Lisa... ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Win An Autographed book!

I'm blogging at eharlequin today and tomorrow so hurry on over and leave a comment for your chance to win an autographed book! I'm talking about my upcoming eharlequin release, Dr Di Angelo's Baby Bombshell and high school reunions. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it really already the end of March???

Lots of exciting things going on in my life! I'm loving my new job working for a Pulmonology group. It's great to be learning so many new things and to be stepping outside my comfort zone and finding out that sometimes that can be a great thing. In April I'm going to the School of Sleep Medicine in Atlanta and am looking forward to expanding my noggin power even more. :)

On the writing front, Cole and Amelia's story (my military medical romance) is now titled Officer, Surgeon...Gentleman. Is that not just the coolest title??? LOVE IT. It's scheduled for a UK release date of August 2010 (hardback) and October 2010 (paperback). I'm not sure on US and other country release dates yet. Sorry. My Christmas story is completed and turned in, also. It's tentatively titled The Nurse's Sexy Santa, but I'm not sure they'll keep that. We'll see. It'll be a October 2010 hardback release and a December 2010 paperback release in the UK. Again, not sure on US and other countries.

As of right now, you can still purchase copies of Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad. It's listed at eharlequin as Playboy Heart Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad. You can google my name and pull this up, or just click HERE and it'll take you directly to where the book is for sale at Harlequin. Or you can go to Amazon and search "Janice Lynn" and it will pull up the books available! They have the KINDLE version of Dr Di Angelo's Baby Bombshell (June 2010 release) available for Pre-Order already. WOW! :)

Upcoming events are the HEART OF DIXIE Readers Luncheon in Huntsville on May 15th. Tickets are still available, so if you haven't got yours and can be in the area that day, be sure to grab them while you can. The fabulous Julia London will be the guest speaker and there will be a book signing afterwards. I always love the basket raffles at these things! I'll be putting together a JANICE LYNN basket to be given away that day, too! :)

I'm getting really excited about the RWA National Conference being held in Nashville this year. So excited that several of my dear friends are going to be visiting my home state! Especially my pals Anna & Keith Sugden who I'm going to take for a tour of my hometown in exchange for a London tour...not really a fair exchange, eh? ;)

My last day at WMC. Forgive the pics as I cried A LOT that day. Very much miss these folks!!

My children have been busy, busy, busy with lots of plays, concerts, sporting events, etc. Here's a few recent pics:

I'm blogging at at the Medical authors blog on Wednesday and will be giving away goodies! Be sure to stop by & say hello for your chance to win some awesome prizes!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey all! I have lots of news to share! First off, I'm in the process of changing jobs. I'm leaving family practice to join a pulmologist. I think this is going to be a good move for my family, but definitely keep us in your prayers!! Next, I've sold FOUR more books to Harlequin! Yea! I'm very excited about this. Two of these books will be out later this year and the second two will be out in 2011. :) I'm really excited about the two releases for later this year. One is a military medical that I hope I haven't completely botched as I adore the characters! and the other is my first Christmas story. There's just something magical about Christmas and I hope I capture that in this romance. :) The other two, well, I'm having lots of fun with the one. The hero is just something else! and the fourth one is going to be another military romance. So, I am very, very excited about all these things going on! :)

I also wanted to update you on my upcoming appearances. The first coming up on my current schedule is The HEART OF DIXIE Readers luncheon. This is a fabulous opportunity for readers and booksellers and librarians to meet authors, have lunch with them, and then attend a booksigning afterwards. I always have lots of fun at these and hope if you're in the Huntsville, Alabama area (or can travel!) that you'll attend! :) I've posted the information below with links. :)

Heart of Dixie's 12th Annual Romance Reader's Luncheon

Join us May 15, 2010 for our 13th Annual Luncheon as we welcome

New York Times Bestselling Author Julia London!

Questions? Contact the Luncheon Coordinator at

My next scheduled booksigning/appearance is at the RWA National Conference that's conveniently being held in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel! This is the last week of July and the booksigning in the last Wednesday in July (the 28th!) This is a HUGE booksigning with hundreds of all your favorite romance authors attending. (Expected authors include greats like Nora Roberts, Debbie Maccomber, Heather Graham, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Linda Howard, etc!)

Also, my current release, PLAYBOY SURGEON, TOP-NOTCH DAD is currently still available at Be sure to order your copy while still available. :)

Another thing I'd like to share is that a very special book has been released. My friend DANA TAYLOR's book PRINCESS ROBIN is now available at Amazon. I first read this book years ago while Dana was writing it and knew immediately it was a special book. Years later, the characters are still with me and I'm so pleased that she's sold this story!! If you love an adventurous, fiesty heroine and a hero to die for, PRINCESS ROBIN is a book you won't want to miss!! :)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad is released!

Woo-hoo! I'm excited. One of my favorite books has just been released. Why one of my favorites? Because I was feeling particularly inspired while writing this book and will always love the hero. Oz is just that kind of guy. :) Of course, I purposely chose the name Oz because just the name makes me think of fantasy worlds where anything is possible.

So, to tell you about Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad, well, it's a February 2010 US release via eharlequin and is a February 2010 release in the UK as well. :)

Playboy Heart Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad
by Janice Lynn
Single mom Blair Pendergrass guards her heart fiercely—especially against men like her new boss, notorious playboy and heart surgeon Dr. Oz Manning. Heart healer? Heartbreaker, more like!Vulnerable Blair is exactly the sort of woman Oz usually runs a mile from. He doesn't have much faith in relationships, and he's not about to start making promises to Blair and her adorable little girl—however much he wants to!But might this beautiful nurse be the one to make Oz finally believe in forever?

And here's a copy of my Dear Reader letter:

Dear Reader,

Ever met someone you just knew was bad for you, yet you couldn't seem to avoid no matter how hard you tried? As if fate had stepped in and crisscrossed your paths to throw you together?

Having lost her faith in love, Blair Pendergrass is frustrated that no matter where she turns, revered heart surgeon Dr. Oz Manning is there. He's a through and through playboy and certainly not what she wants or needs in her life. But whether Oz is saving someone's life or playfully tossing spaghetti at her, she just can't resist him and soon finds herself falling for a man she knows she can never have and shouldn't want.

Needless to say, I fell in love with Oz. He's such a fun hero during a time when Blair most needs to learn to laugh again. We all need someone in our lives who can make us smile even during days when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. May all of you be loved by that special someone who has that smile-giving ability.

I love to hear from readers. Please e-mail me at or visit me at to find out my latest news.

Happy reading!