Wednesday, April 30, 2008

National Readers' Choice Award finalist!

Woo hoo. THE DOCTOR'S PREGNANCY BOMBSHELL is a finalist in the NATIONAL READERS' CHOICE AWARD. I am soooooo thrilled that my debut Medical Romance has done so well.

I'm going to let you in on a secret...of all the Medicals I've written, I like that first one the least. I've tried to figure out why since it's the book that made a dream come true (to sell to Harlequin Mills & Boon). What I've discovered is that I put way too much of ME in that book. In some ways that heroine is me. Although bits and pieces of an author tends to filter out in a book, that one has too much of me in it for me to totally fall in love with it. Now, I really like THE HEART SURGEON'S SECRET SON, THE DOCTOR'S MEANT-TO-BE MARRIAGE, & SURGEON BOSS, SURPRISE DAD.

But with the NRCA final and Award of Excellence final, I have to say...this book is growing on me. :)

If you haven't gotten your copy of THE DOCTOR'S PREGNANCY BOMBSHELL yet, be sure to do so soon at

Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 Romantic Times pictures--there's more!

RT was so much fun, I'll likely be posting pictures for the next week and still not have shared all my favorites--okay, so most of my real favorites won't ever be seen in cyber space, but that's beside the point. :)

Boys, put your swords away! There are faeries present! ;)And the winner takes the prize... ...or is it the spoils. ;) Either way, Luke was a winner in my book. Check out his cat eyes. He had these wild contacts in. The sword fight was awesome--a nice, added touch.

The Impalers--a band straight from Kathy Love & Erin McCarthy's imagination! :)
Kath & the lead singer of The Impalers! Somebody ask her what he did cause I'm not allowed to post the really good picture---not if I want to live that is. ;)Some people should not be allowed on the dance floor because they can't behave. ;)A playmate & her mom get into the fun!

This picture doesn't begin to do justice to the decorations at the Under-the Sea Faerie ball. Amazing is all I can say. The costumes, the scenery, the cover models...need I say more? ;)
Trish, Jim, Katherine, & Helen--Helen won this year's American Title contest! Trish was the runner up and sold to Harlequin American & sold 2 YA romances--way to go, ladies!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More 2008 Romantic Times pictures

The construction crew I plan to hire the next time I need remodeling. Hmmm, perhaps I should go knock some walls down right now. ;)

Fabulous Dorchester author Cindy Holby on stage with John DeSalvo.
Joan & Mona laughing with 2nd runner up James Gaskin. Have I mentioned what a cutie Jim was?This proves it. Trish Milburn really is an angel. See her halo? ;)My fabulously disguised friend Lindsey Brookes entered the costume competition. How she didn't win I'll never know because she totally rocked. What you can't see is all the under the sea stuff attached to her wings. She was amazing at each party.
John Fish who won the popular vote by the conference attendees and the popular vote from the other contestants, was a really nice guy. When my friend asked him to hold up this sign for her daughter's myspace page, he was all smiles. I really do love his smile.
I honestly don't remember what Luke Walsh had just said to me that had me so tickled, but I do remember laughing so hard this particular night that my stomach muscles actually hurt. Some of these guys are just the real deal, ladies. This photograph of Luke doesn't do him justice. He has beautiful eyes and is one of those all around likable guys.
Surrounded by hunks--isn't it awful what I have to endure in the name of work?

Monday, April 21, 2008

More RT pics--friends

I'm labeling this blog friends, because I'm dedicating it to friends I got to see at RT.

My playmates--me, Kathleen Long, C.L. Wilson, & Lindsey Brookes. This was at Heather Graham's Vampire ball. Lots of fun!American Title finalists! There were lots of us from the contest in attendance. Hard to believe this year was the fourth AT contest!

Below is Mona Risk, me, & Lindsey Brookes. We were striking a pose. ;)
Can anyone say WET NOODLE POSSE? Trish Milburn, Colleen Gleason, & me.
A picture of myself and the very beautiful, glamorous, and dedicated romance advocate Michelle Buonfiglio. Patrice Michelle & I after the Dorchester party. Patrice writes for EC & Silhouette Nocturne. HOT books. :)On the day I arrived another Wet Noodle Posse gal, Anna DeStefano, and I got autographs from the Ellora's Cave models.
Trish Milburn & I having fun at the Dorchester party.
Last but certainly not least is Andrei Claude & myself. Andrei & I first met in 2005 when I won the American Title contest & he won the Mr Romance contest. He's such a great guy. Classy, intelligent, a gentleman, Italian (need I say more?), and just all around fabulous. It was a pleasure seeing him again.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 Romantic Times Mr Romance Competition

When it comes to the RT conference most everyone's first question to me is about the Mr Romance Competition. Like in the past, this year's was awesome. Here's a picture of me with the contestants. :)
But let's face it, what everyone really wants to know is who won and did he deserve the title of Mr Romance 2008?

I have to say that I liked all but three of this year's contestants. One of them was just weird--enough said. One of them made me continuously think of zoolander. The other I just didn't think was sexy at all, but that's probably an individual preference kind of thing as he seemed like a really nice guy. I really never spent much time with him so he could have had a super personality and I missed out, so I'll take the blame for not making the effort where he's concerned.. The other six--I wish they all could have won. They were all wonderful & fun & romantic & I enjoyed meeting them. Unfortunately there were only five trophies and only one Mr. Romance 2008 title. But if I could award all six of the ones I liked titles/awards, I would. Wait, this is my blog. I can give them awards. :)

John Fish~best smile & biggest muscles!
Chris Howell~best dancer & a total hottie
Luke Walsh ~ Best attitude/always looked like he was having fun/enjoying himself/most likable
James Gaskin ~ Most real/The guy you'd introduce to your daughter & keep your fingers crossed!
Fred Williams ~Best sparkle. The man shines with personality!
Chris Winters ~ Most romantic/Sexiest kiss award (for his performance during the competition--whoa baby!)

And the RT winners are:

John Fish won the popular votes earning him two trophies. One was the contestants' choice, the other the RT participants' choice. Here's a picture of him with my pal Lindsey Brookes (in Hollywood night party clothes!)

Fred Williams was the first runner up. Fred sparkled. And looked a lot like Wesley Snipes. Fred was always smiling and having a great time I ever saw him. I really enjoyed meeting him.

One of my favorite contestants was James Gaskin. He was so cute and sweet. And he won second runner up!!

And the winner is:

Drum roll please!

Chris Winters.

And I'll let you decide for yourself why he won. I know I had to fan my face a few times during his times on stage--which had a lot to do with the chest on display, but mostly with how he presented romance--super sexy, Chris!