Sunday, April 29, 2007

You Are a Bad Girl

You are 30% Good and 70% Bad
You're a total bad girl, from your wild hair to tattooed toes.
But you're too badass to even care if you're labeled "bad"!
Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?

My friend Tawny is always getting me into trouble. She sent this link to test to see if you're a bad girl or not. I'm thinking I'm not quite as bad as what the above says because I'm cringing at the thought of having a curse word on my blog and there isn't a tatoo anywhere on my body. Too funny that it rated me as 70% bad though. And I did answer the questions completely honestly--although it's been quite a while on some of my responses.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Westwood Freshman Formal

Jessie & Tyler showing off the corsages for their ladies.
The party gets started...
Put the phones away, boys!I think this is their mafia pose...
Line Dancing...
That's Jessie in the middle back. :) And here's a picture of him and his friend Tiffany...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

South Beach Diet

So, y'all have listened to me whine over the past year about my weight. I'm still within the uppermost range of normal weight for my height, but that's only because I was blessed with heighth. Thank goodness. I've walked and walked with little to no results. I've given up cokes (my vice, I admit) for a month and watched my caloric intake with little to no results. I've had several good friends to do extremely well on the South Beach diet and they've convince me to try it with them. So 3 of us started it within the last week or so (they actually started a few days ahead of me). My LUCKY husband got to go on the diet with me by virtue of being my husband and my knowing I couldn't stick with the diet unless he and I were on the same page. I admit I've never been on a diet diet. Not one where I had a plan I had to stick with other than no sodas--the horror! ((yes, I very frequently tell patients to avoid these like the plague and I even limit myself and do not have sodas every day, but I'd sure like to. :) )) I'm almost done with day 3 on this diet and so far have stuck with the plan. The first two weeks are not easy. Not by a long stretch of the imagination. No breads, no pastas, no potatoes, no starches at all. Are you getting the picture here? Basically no carbs.

Honestly, the hardest part has been the no soda. I'm not a diet soda drinker and would rather have water than diet soda, so that's what I have. But I crave, crave, crave a Coca-cola. Yes, I really did give them up for an entire month (jan 2007) & gave them up completely with each pregnancy, also. But with giving up all carbs, I'm finding not having soda that much more difficult. Of course, I'm only on day 3 and suspect it'll get a bit easier around day 6 or 7...I hope. :)

I'm walking again. Not 20 miles a day. But I'm walking. So far my knee is holding out well. Yea! However, I'm thinking if someone would hire Matthew McConaughey as my personal trainer that I'd want to work out all the time and these extra pounds would just melt away, ya know? Hey, it's a thought & my motivation factor would certainly go WAY up. ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Missed me?

With a week in Washington DC with my oldest 2 boys & then 5 days in Gatlinburg, (8 days of which were with no internet!), & hubby gone to Edwards AFB for a month, I haven't blogged in a while. Bad me. :)

However, I did turn the third medical in on Friday night. :) Yea! I'm really excited to have that one done. And of course, I've started the 4th one already. Also, I'm plotting a YA just because I had so much fun spending the week in DC with 12 teenagers. Was interesting. Made me feel older than the hills, but interesting. :)

Tonight, I'm finishing up taxes. Such a procrastinator. :)

Oh! And this past week there was an article on moi & friends who've donated books & character names for my local Literacy chapter's fundraiser. I'll have more on this soon, plus a list of all the fabulous authors who've donated. :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fallen Behind...

I've been a bit swamped writing, working, and getting the kids' ball season started. Lots going on. I'm leaving for Washington DC in the morning thru Thursday and then on to Gatlinburg for four days if all works out.

I've had several ask me about my Laserquest experience--OMG! I love playing Lasertag. Love, love, love, love it! Has nothing at all to do wtih the fact that I WON. Yep, She-Devil got top score for the 27 people in her group. (8 of which was our group and the rest were strangers--a mix of men, women, and teenagers). AND I WON. Not just won, but my score was 793 and more than 300 points higher than the player who got 2nd place. AND, my score was high enough to put me in the TOP FIVE PLAYERS for the day. Oh yeah! I'm totally hooked and plan to go play with the kids this weekend in Gatlinburg. Of course I'll probably get my butt stomped because my teenage sons aren't pleased that Mom gave them a lasertag thrashing. ;) Actually, when we got finished playing I felt more relaxed than I had in weeks, maybe months. Too funny.

On the 3rd Medical. Sigh. The rough draft is done, but I'm still not happy with it. Not nearly good enough to send to my editor yet. It's definitely fixable, but I needed a break from it for a bit so I can look at it with a fresh eye. Plan to jump back in this week while in Washington. We'll see if that works out. :)

My dear pal Kimberly Brookes has not only won Harlequin's American contest, but she finaled in the Golden Heart!! Also my great pals Anna Sugden, Beth Burgoon, Sheila Rae Mohs, Trish Milburn, Mary Fechter, and Carla Hughes!! I'm so pleased! AND, as if that's not enough, Gemma Halliday finaled in the Rita with her fabulous book SPYING IN HIGH HEELS. I'm so psyched for her because she deserves every success and that book is so fabulous!!! Anyway, as you can tell, I'm very pleased with RWA's biggest, most prestigious contest results this year.

It was a little weird not being entered this year and not having to stress 'call day'. I imagine I won't be able to resist entering THE DOCTOR'S PREGNANCY BOMBSHELL this year. Not that I expect to ever final in the RITA--that would be like too unbelievable--but I won't throw away the opportunity without ever trying, ya know?

Oh, I watched The Holiday the other night and just fell in love with Jude Law's character. What a perfect hero, flawed yet totally lovable. Totally. You might recall I had a brief Jude fling while writing a book a year or so ago and posted Jude pics rather than Matthew pics. I do find the man fabulously gorgeous in a completely different way from Matthew. What can I say? They both inspire me. :)

Off to pack and do all those last minute things before going out of town, but here's something yummy to keep you occupied while I'm away. :)

OOPS! Wrong Hottie. ;) Here's another. Yes, he's starring as a surfer dude and has the look, doesn't he?