Monday, February 19, 2007

Taking a weekend off...

It's rare a weekend goes by that I don't write at least something. Next weekend I'm going to a writer's retreat with the Music City Romance Writers and will be out of town so I pretty much took this past weekend off and spent the time with my family. It was a nice change of pace and I feel refreshed and ready to dig back into medical number 3. I'm over half finished with it and feel good about the characters and plot. I did work on some FTHRW board stuff & my monthly column I do for the newsletter. :)

Although I've been to numerous writing conferences, I've never gone to a retreat. Elaine Spencer from The Knight Agency is going to be there. I'm with TKA and look forward to spending time with Elaine. I'm hoping there will be lots of down time for actual writing. I'd love to finish this book. It's possible, although not likely unless there really is a lot of free time.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Mine was fabulous. Got several Matthew things from pals--imagine! ;) And hubby came home for lunch and took me out to eat that evening. Plus, he's made reservations to take me back to the Opryland Hotel. Yea! You might recall he took me there for my birthday. I posted pictures here of some of the features. Lovely, lovely hotel and where the 2010 RWA conference will be held.

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