Saturday, June 23, 2007

Britain's Got Talent

I'd never heard of this show until a friend of mine sent these links through via email. I had to share because I was so moved by this man's emotion, his sincerity, his heart. Wow.

I think as someone who aspires to achieve my dreams (hey, NY Times bestseller list, here I come!), to watch someone so REAL step up to his dream so amazingly is...humbling. I'll admit I'm a total sap & cried during his performance. I didn't mean to. It just happened as he's that moving.

If you've ever had a dream and wondered if it could come true...


Here's his final performance after winning.


Truly amazing.

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Trish Milburn said...

He is amazing, isn't he? I keep watching the video -- and of some of the other performers who made it to the finals, especially little Connie Talbot.