Monday, September 10, 2007

Another year older...

I've quit counting birthdays but those around me insist upon reminding me when yet another comes. I celebrated my ?? birthday yesterday. It was an awesome day spent with my family. My parents came over and brought a cake, complete with candles for me to blow out--no one even called the fire department. I got this really cool outdoor table set that is this heavy duty stone tile top that has a removable center that has a firepit. Last night me, hubby, & the kids roasted hot dogs over the fire and then made smores. Was lots of fun. :) Even if it did leave me having to say I'm another year older. :(


Anonymous said...

One more candle on the cake, but WOW, what an exciting year! New books sold, a new house, new FIRE PIT! Congrats, Birthday Girl!

We're doing a silent auction in Smyrna for a teen awaiting a small bowel transplant (Brandon Brewer)- would love to have a few Jane Millionaires to auction. We can also mention your upcoming releases if that's OK. The more publicity, the more readers! Auction is September 28th. If you are able to help out with the books, email me and I'll send you my address. Thanks so much!

Janice Lynn said...

Yvonne, I sent ya an email, but if you don't get it, let me know. Would love to send books for such a great local cause. Thanks for all the good work you do through the paper!!

Anonymous said...

JANICE!! Happy Birthday Woman! A little late - but I guess better than never? ;-)

Hope it was a very happy day!