Friday, March 07, 2008

Un si difficile aveu...better known as The Heart Surgeon's Secret Son

How cool is this??? The Heart Surgeon's Secret Son was translated into French. :) I got my author copy today and scanned in the cover so you could see!!! It is so wild to see something you wrote in a foreign language. I open it up and start trying to translate and crack myself up, let me tell ya. ;)

Anyway, was really excited about this and wanted to share!


Anonymous said...

French? That's pretty cool, Janice! Congrats!

squiresj said...

I have been having problems joining your readers group. I just got another invite but took me three tries. So whether it will go through or not I don't know. They said you did not reply in 14 days so they rejected me.

Anonymous said...

Ack. I was having problems with my readers group link, but we thought we got it fixed. I just realized that my last few posts there have NOT gone through. Not good. Off to trouble shoot. Thanks for letting me know there was an issue!