Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Puppy Pics!!!

I am quite enjoying having puppies. :) They were born on July 9th and I took these pics today. Such little darlings!!! We're still working out names as personalities emerge. All except the firstborn. She's Ashley, named after a friend whose birthday was also the 9th. :)All four of my babies. :)

Isn't she sweet? This is the 3rd puppy born. She's a total sweetheart & loves to be held close. :)

This little darling is the baby we'll most likely keep. No name yet although we're tossing out several and none have stuck yet. :)

This one is Ashley, the oldest. She's a little bit bigger and more active than the other three pups.

I'll have to be sure to get a good picture of the 4th boy in my next shots. Our next door neighbor is taking him so we'll still get to visit. :)


Anonymous said...

very sweet

Jill James said...

they are so sweet.

Dina said...

OMG, they are sooooo adorable!!!!!!!

Janice Lynn said...

I sure think so. All but the baby have their eyes open now. :) It's so precious watching them change each day. My kids are having a blast. 4 kids. 4 puppies. Who says there isn't a God? :)