Monday, February 01, 2010

Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad is released!

Woo-hoo! I'm excited. One of my favorite books has just been released. Why one of my favorites? Because I was feeling particularly inspired while writing this book and will always love the hero. Oz is just that kind of guy. :) Of course, I purposely chose the name Oz because just the name makes me think of fantasy worlds where anything is possible.

So, to tell you about Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad, well, it's a February 2010 US release via eharlequin and is a February 2010 release in the UK as well. :)

Playboy Heart Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad
by Janice Lynn
Single mom Blair Pendergrass guards her heart fiercely—especially against men like her new boss, notorious playboy and heart surgeon Dr. Oz Manning. Heart healer? Heartbreaker, more like!Vulnerable Blair is exactly the sort of woman Oz usually runs a mile from. He doesn't have much faith in relationships, and he's not about to start making promises to Blair and her adorable little girl—however much he wants to!But might this beautiful nurse be the one to make Oz finally believe in forever?

And here's a copy of my Dear Reader letter:

Dear Reader,

Ever met someone you just knew was bad for you, yet you couldn't seem to avoid no matter how hard you tried? As if fate had stepped in and crisscrossed your paths to throw you together?

Having lost her faith in love, Blair Pendergrass is frustrated that no matter where she turns, revered heart surgeon Dr. Oz Manning is there. He's a through and through playboy and certainly not what she wants or needs in her life. But whether Oz is saving someone's life or playfully tossing spaghetti at her, she just can't resist him and soon finds herself falling for a man she knows she can never have and shouldn't want.

Needless to say, I fell in love with Oz. He's such a fun hero during a time when Blair most needs to learn to laugh again. We all need someone in our lives who can make us smile even during days when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. May all of you be loved by that special someone who has that smile-giving ability.

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Happy reading!