Saturday, August 17, 2013

I need your help!

My oldest nephew and his darling girlfriend are facing serious medical issues due to their being hit by an uninsured vehicle. They were on my nephew's motorcycle and have sustained serious injuries. Please pray for them and help as you can!  THANK YOU!!!


Please help with Andrew Floied & Ashley Morgan’s medical expenses! An uninsured driver has seriously injured the young couple on Thursday, August 15, 2013. Wearing helmets and riding safety gear, the couple were on their way back from visiting ‘the cross’ on Monteagle Mountain. Twenty-one-year old Andrew had enlisted in the Marines a few months previously and the couple of several years were spending as much time together as possible prior to his leaving for boot camp and were enjoying their leisurely ride. A woman driving on a three times revoked license ran through a flashing red traffic light and broadsided their motorcycle without ever slowing or braking. Ashley was thrown from the motorcycle and landed in a post office parking lot. Andrew was pinned between the motorcycle and the car. Critical, both of them were airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center to the trauma unit. Ashley broke her left femur, tibia, and fibula and sustained multiple other serious injuries. Andrew broke his left humerus, tibia, fibula, shattered his pelvis, punctured his lung, and has multiple other serious injuries. By the grace of God, neither suffered any apparent brain injury thus far. Both are still in critical condition. Andrew is facing multiple more surgeries. Both are looking at months of their lives snatched away as they fight to recover from this tragedy. Between medical bills, missed work, and all the other expenses these two and their families are facing, the costs are already staggering. The two helicopter rides alone are expected to be over $50,000. Andrew has health insurance that will help with some of his expenses. Ashley does not. She graduated from nursing school as an LPN earlier this year, has been working PRN while searching for a full time job. The woman who hit them had no insurance. Andrew had minimum insurance on his motorcycle and it isn’t clear yet how much of Ashley’s bills, if any, will be covered.
I am Andrew’s aunt (Jennifer’s sister) and love these two kids. I am so frustrated that someone has done this to them by pure carelessness. They and their families are incurring so much financial burden already during this time between travel, time off work, etc. that giving to them financially and establishing a way for others to ease that strain seemed a small thing for me to do. Please help and pray for these two good kids/young adults who are now facing a very different future than the ones they had chosen, dreamed of, and worked so hard to achieve. For locals who would like to donate directly, please drop off an envelope with FOR ANDREW & ASHLEY with whatever you can give or a check made out to Andrew Floied or Ashley Morgan at Dr. Jay Trussler's office in Manchester and it will be given directly to family. Donations can also be given at Toliver's Pawn Shop on the square in Manchester. Please pray for Andrew, Ashley, and their families and help financially as you can. Thank you with all my heart, and I know Andrew, Ashley, and their families feel the same. God bless.


Renee Luke said...

Sending healing thoughts to your nephew, his girlfriend, and your entire family, Janice.

Sabrina Craig said...

It's a really horrible thing that your nephew and his girlfriend would be involved in an accident like that. It must’ve been quite frustrating that the person at fault could not even cover the expenses needed to make amends. I do hope you were able to gather the funds you needed back then. Anyway, how are they doing nowadays? I hope that there was at least some bit of closure in all this, and that the matter has been decisively resolved.

Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY

Janice Lynn said...

Sabrina, Andrew & Ashley are doing great considering what they went through. Andrew has pushed himself to where he has built his body strength up and, although he didn't medically qualify to be a Marine as he'd dreamed of, he has gone to work for the fire department and met all their physical requirements. He works out daily and looks great. One side of his body is mostly metal on the inside and he has pain, but he doesn't let that stop him. Ashley had some issues with her leg healing and had to have additional surgeries. Unfortunately, nothing ever happened to the woman who hit them. She was driving on a multiple revoked license, ran a traffic light, and drastically changed two young adults lives, and nothing was done to her, nor did it cost her anything because she had nothing. Andrew & Ashley were responsible for their own expenses. We did raise over $10k for them, but that was nominal for their bills. Andrew had insurance. Ashley did not. Sometimes how our legal system works is sad. :(