Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NYC photo

Here's a photo of Manhattan (to the left) from my flight home on Sunday. :)

I walked 3+ miles today. Not nearly enough. Work & children's sports & scouts interferred with more though. Tomorrow will be more.

And here's a picture of Matthew McConaughey. :)

I mentioned the article I wrote on breast cancer that's on the front page of the Rutherford Reader. Here's the link. :) www.rutherfordreader.net - page 1 the second part of the article is on page 15. To my knowledge & my dad's knowledge, my grandma has never had her picture in the paper. I LOVE that this brings her into the spotlight a bit because she's the strongest woman I know & one of the truly good people in the world. I love her dearly.

Plus, Yvonne Moon did a reprint of the Fascinating Folks article on me that she wrote back in May. Honestly, she makes me sound like someone fascinating, which is a testament to her writing skills, but all my friends & family know I'm really just me. The best part about the article is that my grandmother's photo is included. You can read that by going to page 6.

All these links will quit working -- actually, they'll link to a new story-- on October 12.

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