Friday, December 22, 2006

Spice Girl!

REVENGE FOR HIRE won the SPICY category of Smoky Mountain Romance Writer's SSSS contest!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDERGROUND PLEASURE placed THIRD. Yes, I kicked my own butt. ;)

REVENGE FOR HIRE is one of my favorite stories that I've written. I have sooooo many promotional ideas for that book and sincerely hope one of the editors who has it sees it's potential. It's my first really kick-butt heroine book and I had an absolute blast writing it. :)

For the book I just sold I have to write a letter to the readers who buy the book. That's a bit daunting, I'm finding. What I really, really want to say is "PLEASE BUY & LOVE THIS BOOK." But somehow, that doesn't seem quite appropriate, ya know?? ;) Guess I'll figure out something.

Oh, and in honor of the new James Bond film, I'm going to post a picture of Daniel Craig today. :) I'm using him as my newest hero...named Daniel, of course. :) Dr. Daniel Travis.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS JANICE!! It's not so bad to kick your own butt I guess - just means you're very talented - not to mention flexible. Ha ha. I hope that somebody snaps REVENGE FOR HIRE right up as well!

Love the pics - I wasn't sure what I'd think of the movie - but I really liked it. REALLY. ;-)

Janice Lynn said...

Ya know, I liked Pierce so well that I had it in my mind that I wasn't going to like his replacement no matter what. I'd thought Clive Owen would make a good Bond, and there are a few others I can think of who I thought could pull it off. Daniel Craig wouldn't have been on that list. But I did like him as 007. I didn't particularly like the plot/storyline, but I thought Daniel Craig did a fabulous job. Hey, he bumped Matthew for this post, so you know he did something right. ;)

Jill James said...

Janice, congrats on Revenge for Hire and I love your enthusiasm for the story. Congratulations!