Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Looks like I'm off to play lasertag this weekend with a bunch of cool teenagers. Yes, I know, I'll totally kick their butt because that's what us older, creakier boned folks do--what??? You're not buying this? Alas, you're probably right. I'll likely get my patootie tagged quite often. My son #2 asked for a LaserQuest adventure as his birthday party, so that's why we're headed that direction. Actually, I think it'll be lots of fun.

I worked on Medical #3 again today. This book is giving me fits. I wrote both of the first two medicals in right at a month. A month has come and gone and this books isn't 1.) finished 2.) right as far as characterization and GMC and such. It's driving me batty. I have 208 pages written, which should be done, right???? But I'll end up cutting about 40 pages from this book which is huge cuts for me. :( Still, I know it needs it so I'd rather make the revisions and feel like I have it right prior to sending it to my editor and having her know what a crappy first draft I wrote this time around. Actually, the problem with this book is that I made my heroine too agressive. BIG SURPRISE, huh? For the Medical line I just don't get the impression this would work and because a lot of the plot seemed to hinge around her personality, when I change that, a lot of the scenes have to be rewritten. But finally after working on it today I have a clear picture in my head on where I need to go with it and how to keep the emotional punch high. These books are very emotional. Whereas JANE MILLIONAIRE was fun and light and sassy, my medicals are boohoo books. Okay, so that's what my first agent called the books I write that make people cry. They're supposed to be deeply emotional so that they touch your heart. I feel like I accomplished that with the first two, and after today, the foundation is in place for doing that with medical #3. If I don't injure myself playing lasertag on Saturday, I should finish this one within the next week. Yea!!!!

I plan to jump into some single title ideas I have once I get medical #3 off to my editor. So, basically, I had a good writing day although admittedly not enough time to write as much as I'd like. ((Breakfast with the parents, grocery shopping, running errands, lunch with parents & sister, taxi service for kids, dinner with hubby & kids, movie with hubby, gee, it's a wonder I got any writing done at all come to think of it. ;) ))

Uhm...wonder if Matthew likes Lasertag??? I'm thinking my aim might drastically improve if he was my target. I mean, that would be an excuse to keep him in my sights, right?

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Terri Garey said...

Matthew says, "Bring it on, baby!" :)