Tuesday, April 17, 2007

South Beach Diet

So, y'all have listened to me whine over the past year about my weight. I'm still within the uppermost range of normal weight for my height, but that's only because I was blessed with heighth. Thank goodness. I've walked and walked with little to no results. I've given up cokes (my vice, I admit) for a month and watched my caloric intake with little to no results. I've had several good friends to do extremely well on the South Beach diet and they've convince me to try it with them. So 3 of us started it within the last week or so (they actually started a few days ahead of me). My LUCKY husband got to go on the diet with me by virtue of being my husband and my knowing I couldn't stick with the diet unless he and I were on the same page. I admit I've never been on a diet diet. Not one where I had a plan I had to stick with other than no sodas--the horror! ((yes, I very frequently tell patients to avoid these like the plague and I even limit myself and do not have sodas every day, but I'd sure like to. :) )) I'm almost done with day 3 on this diet and so far have stuck with the plan. The first two weeks are not easy. Not by a long stretch of the imagination. No breads, no pastas, no potatoes, no starches at all. Are you getting the picture here? Basically no carbs.

Honestly, the hardest part has been the no soda. I'm not a diet soda drinker and would rather have water than diet soda, so that's what I have. But I crave, crave, crave a Coca-cola. Yes, I really did give them up for an entire month (jan 2007) & gave them up completely with each pregnancy, also. But with giving up all carbs, I'm finding not having soda that much more difficult. Of course, I'm only on day 3 and suspect it'll get a bit easier around day 6 or 7...I hope. :)

I'm walking again. Not 20 miles a day. But I'm walking. So far my knee is holding out well. Yea! However, I'm thinking if someone would hire Matthew McConaughey as my personal trainer that I'd want to work out all the time and these extra pounds would just melt away, ya know? Hey, it's a thought & my motivation factor would certainly go WAY up. ;)

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Trish Milburn said...

It really is hard to cut back, exercise and still not see many results. Been there, done that. Good luck with South Beach.