Thursday, August 23, 2007

Copy edits & White water rafting

Sounds exciting, eh? Well, first the white water rafting. I went this past weekend with hubby and our two oldest boys. Very fun. I've been quite a few times in the past, but I brought a friend with me who'd never been--that's her below after our trip down river--see, she survived!! Actually, she's hooked now and ready to go back. Me, too. The water was icy and felt so good. It's been 100+ every day this week. Tonight at 7 PM it was still 102 degrees according to my vehicle's thermometer and 105 according to the bank's. Oh my. And we've not had a drop of rain for the entire month of August and had very little during July. Can you say drought? Rain, rain, come here please.

My oldest son was in charge of his raft and they named themselves The Black Squirrel. While in the gift shop, I ran across this doggie kerchief and couldn't resist. We all thought it too funny. :)

Copy edits. I got the copy of The Doctor's Meant-To-Be Marriage and went through it over the past several days. Last night I turned in my copy edits. Nothing major, just a few typos here and there. I'm always so paranoid I'll miss something, though, and it'll end up in every book and be one of those typos that makes everybody snicker or roll their eyes, ya know?

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Anonymous said...

I did have a blast!!! Thanks so much for inviting me! Love you bunches!!! Deb