Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More 2008 Romantic Times pictures

The construction crew I plan to hire the next time I need remodeling. Hmmm, perhaps I should go knock some walls down right now. ;)

Fabulous Dorchester author Cindy Holby on stage with John DeSalvo.
Joan & Mona laughing with 2nd runner up James Gaskin. Have I mentioned what a cutie Jim was?This proves it. Trish Milburn really is an angel. See her halo? ;)My fabulously disguised friend Lindsey Brookes entered the costume competition. How she didn't win I'll never know because she totally rocked. What you can't see is all the under the sea stuff attached to her wings. She was amazing at each party.
John Fish who won the popular vote by the conference attendees and the popular vote from the other contestants, was a really nice guy. When my friend asked him to hold up this sign for her daughter's myspace page, he was all smiles. I really do love his smile.
I honestly don't remember what Luke Walsh had just said to me that had me so tickled, but I do remember laughing so hard this particular night that my stomach muscles actually hurt. Some of these guys are just the real deal, ladies. This photograph of Luke doesn't do him justice. He has beautiful eyes and is one of those all around likable guys.
Surrounded by hunks--isn't it awful what I have to endure in the name of work?


Mona Risk said...

Janice dear, you are a fantastic photographer. Can I hire you for the next RT?? Please?

Janice Lynn said...

LOL, Mona. It's just that I haven't posted any of the zillion that didn't turn out. :)

I have one of you crossing the stage at the EC party. I will post it later this week. The one of me crossing turned out really blurred. :(

Joan Leacott said...

HI Janice,

Thanks for posting your fun pics. I swear next time I will take my own camera so I don't have to go scrounging for pics. And you're so right, Jimi is a total sweetie. I just wish I could remember what we were laughing about. Darn it.