Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Favorite Hero-Dr Caleb Burton

Hi all! My hero from MILLS & BOON PRESENTS...The Nurse's Baby Miracle has wrote a letter to his heroine and it's posted over at eharlequin . This is my breast cancer walk book & it's dedicated to my sweetheart of a grandma whom I love dearly. :) I'll be stopping by throughout the day at eharlequin (work willing!) and will be giving away a free book tomorrow night to one person who leaves a comment prior to when I do the drawing tomorrow night. So get yourself over to eharlequin and give poor Caleb some advice on how to win Natalie back or just say hello.

Also, I'll be blogging at on Wednesday and giving away prizes there, too. And on Monday November 9th, I'll be blogging at Love is the Best Medicine and you guessed it, I'll be giving away more prizes!!!! Be sure to stop by and say hello!


Dorthy said...

Janice -

just so you know, you link to "Love is the Best Medicine" blog didn't work.
I found it, but I just wanted you to know so no one else has problems with it.

If you are someone else and you can't find the blog, this is the link.

Janice Lynn said...

Thanks Dorthy! I'm really bad with links & anything to do with html and readily admit so. :)

Unknown said...


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