Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bell Buckle Cafe

The 2 youngest kids & I went with my Mom & Dad & Grandparents to Bell Buckle today. It's a small historic town mostly filled with antique shops. There's a restaurant there called the Bell Buckle Cafe that's infamous for their yummy food. It was fabulous!

Here's a few of the rest of that strip...which is pretty much the entire town. :)

And what small town Tennessee restaurant is complete without a Moon Pie display????

Here's my favorite gift shop there, just because I love the name. :)

If you're ever in Middle Tennessee, be sure to stop in at the Bell Buckle Cafe for some down home cooking & to check out all the antique shops. :)


Renee Luke said...

Um....looks like a cute, small town, but what's a Moon Pie? LOL...don't have them suckers out in CA. I thought at first the next picture may have been a naked butt, and I was thinking, wow, those TN folks.....LOL

Janice Lynn said...

LOL! What? You don't have Moon Pies in California???? I am sooo gonna bring you a Moon Pie to do you prefer Chocolate? Vanilla? Banana?

Trish Milburn said...

Love the Moon Pies. And love the Bell Buckle Cafe. Yummy food.