Monday, June 26, 2006


One of my pals read my novella & loved it. As this was my first novella I wasn't sure how it would go, but I loved writing it & had lots of fun. My pal said my hero was yummy & I have to agree. I think I fell a little bit in love with him. Which is a good thing because if I can't fall for my heroes how can I expect anyone else to, right? Anyway this guy is fab and totally in tune with a woman's needs and is a total man's man, too. Honestly, I think I like him better than any hero I've ever written..and that's saying a lot as I usually fall for them all...take Jude for example. (That book is still out with the publishers. I'm hoping it's a good sign that it's been there for a few months. Keep your fingers crossed!) And of course Rob was scrumptious. And Noah--Noah is from a book my editor rejected because it wasn't a big enough plot, but I adore that story. Anyway, you get the drift--my novella hero is HOT STUFF.

I used Goran Visnjic as my hero in my novella. Not his ER look, but his Spartacus look. He was on the cover of TV Week & I LOVE that picture and from the moment I saw it I knew that man was going to be between my covers...I mean that I was going to write a story with him as my hero. ;)

I couldn't find the photo online & my scanner doesn't work, but here's the closest to the photo that I can find. :) Enjoy. & shhhhhhh, no one tell Matthew that I once again wrote a story without him as the hero...I'm saving him until I write my breakout novel that hits the Times list. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Very good muse, indeed! He's yummy!