Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Romance By the Blog

I've really got to learn more about the workings of my blog. I realized a while back that I didn't have a link to my good pal Tawny Weber's blog, yet have I sat down and tried to figure out how to remedy that? No. Tonight, I was going through emails and realized I had another big goof. I don't have a link to one of the hottest romance blogs there is. It's run by my pal Michelle Buonfiglio and she's smart, sassy, and in the know about romance. She's got some great things lined up for December that anyone interested in the Erotic Romance industry, whether as a reader or a writer, should definitely check out her blog.

Romance: By the Blog "Hot Topic Week: Eros, Erotica, and Erotic Romance," Dec. 4-8
This week of GuestBlogs is constructed to get a dialogue going about what erotica and erotic romance are and are not, as well as what access to the literature has done for women who read it. Bestselling author Ian Kerner, Ph.D. also will discuss women and sexual fantasy. Here's the line-up:
Kate Duffy, Senior Editor, Brava/Kensington, 12.4
Adam Nevill, Author/Erotica Editor, Virgin Books, 12.5
Jaid Black, Author/CEO Ellora's Cave, 12.6
Ian Kerner, Ph.D., Author/Sex and Relationships expert, 12.7
Emma Holly, Author, 12.8
Join Michelle for a great week of guest bloggers. Also, if you haven't checked out her Romance: B(u)y the Book weekly feature, do yourself a favor and do so! She's awesome and has great reviews and interviews posted. I've posted the link to the website below.

Romance: B(u)y the Book
Weekly Reviews, Exclusive Interviews, More!
Exclusively on InternetBroadcasting's national platform of more than 70 TV station websites including (New York)
Romance: By the Blog

And, yeah, I like her even though she is beautiful and classy. What can I say? She's also nice, witty, and just thinking about her always brings a smile to my face.


Tawny said...


You still don't have a link to me. Gee... thats love.


Janice Lynn said...

Oh man, now I have guilt...enough to actually try to figure out how to add you...uhm...maybe you should keep sniffing. ;)

Tawny said...

LOL - You DO love me.

Well... me, my husband, whatever ;-)