Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Book 2

I've been much quieter on the blogger end of things due to working on book 2. It's tentatively titled THE DOCTOR'S SECRET SON, but that's subject to change. I think it'll be out early 2008---if I can finish it up. I hit page 165 tonight, but there's a section that I'm not pleased with and plan to do some major chopping and rewriting before sending it to my editor.

I sold an article to the RWR this week, too. :) It'll run in the September issue.

My agent is in NY right now, so that's super cool. Really hoping that someone sees the potential in my single title proposal REVENGE FOR HIRE. It's such a fun, fun story...okay, a bit devious, too, but in a fun way. ;) I'd love to promote that book and believe with all my heart it could be BIG.

Lots of board stuff going on with From The Heart. I'm no longer secretary, but am serving on the board as PAN liaison. I really hope to kick-start some good programs for the published authors in the chapter.

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