Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bowling & Movies

Friday night I took 6 men to the movies...young in my teenage sons & 4 of their friends. ;) We went to The Epic Movie. There were several snicker moments and a few belly rolls, too. I cracked up at Captain Jack Swallows. That was probably my favorite stuff from the film. Although the guy didn't even begin to compare to Johnny Depp (particularly in the looks and sex appeal department), he did a good job imitating the character.

Saturday I went with my oldest to one of his acting classes. Usually his classes are on Thursday night but this one was a make-up class from where he missed due to homecoming. :)

Today my daughter and I went bowling. So, I don't bowl. Not well at any rate. Are you supposed to break double digits in this game? The lower the score, the better, right? No? Are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure I won if that's the case. ;) Okay, so bowling isn't my thing but we had fun.

My hubby went backpacking last weekend with the oldest two and camped the night then backpacked out. Interesting what we end up doing with our children.

Any interesting things you've done with your children lately?

Oh, I also sent book 2 to my editor this past week. :) I know it still needs polishing, but I'm overall pleased with it. Will calmly (yeah right!) wait to see what she thinks. Wish me luck.

I also finished judging my Golden Heart entries and turned my scores in. I've still got to read my RITA entries and look forward to doing that this coming week.

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