Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 Romantic Times Mr Romance Competition

When it comes to the RT conference most everyone's first question to me is about the Mr Romance Competition. Like in the past, this year's was awesome. Here's a picture of me with the contestants. :)
But let's face it, what everyone really wants to know is who won and did he deserve the title of Mr Romance 2008?

I have to say that I liked all but three of this year's contestants. One of them was just weird--enough said. One of them made me continuously think of zoolander. The other I just didn't think was sexy at all, but that's probably an individual preference kind of thing as he seemed like a really nice guy. I really never spent much time with him so he could have had a super personality and I missed out, so I'll take the blame for not making the effort where he's concerned.. The other six--I wish they all could have won. They were all wonderful & fun & romantic & I enjoyed meeting them. Unfortunately there were only five trophies and only one Mr. Romance 2008 title. But if I could award all six of the ones I liked titles/awards, I would. Wait, this is my blog. I can give them awards. :)

John Fish~best smile & biggest muscles!
Chris Howell~best dancer & a total hottie
Luke Walsh ~ Best attitude/always looked like he was having fun/enjoying himself/most likable
James Gaskin ~ Most real/The guy you'd introduce to your daughter & keep your fingers crossed!
Fred Williams ~Best sparkle. The man shines with personality!
Chris Winters ~ Most romantic/Sexiest kiss award (for his performance during the competition--whoa baby!)

And the RT winners are:

John Fish won the popular votes earning him two trophies. One was the contestants' choice, the other the RT participants' choice. Here's a picture of him with my pal Lindsey Brookes (in Hollywood night party clothes!)

Fred Williams was the first runner up. Fred sparkled. And looked a lot like Wesley Snipes. Fred was always smiling and having a great time I ever saw him. I really enjoyed meeting him.

One of my favorite contestants was James Gaskin. He was so cute and sweet. And he won second runner up!!

And the winner is:

Drum roll please!

Chris Winters.

And I'll let you decide for yourself why he won. I know I had to fan my face a few times during his times on stage--which had a lot to do with the chest on display, but mostly with how he presented romance--super sexy, Chris!


Carla Capshaw said...

Yep, obviously there should have been a six way tie. Seven, if we count Lindsey in as "Cutest". That girl sure does know how to have fun. :-)

So glad you had a great time at RT!

Diane Gaston said...

This is what I missed??? (thud)

Tawny said...

yum yum yum

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

How gorgeous the scenery was at RT Janice. You and Kimmi look stunning along those beauties. Glad you had such a great time....

Terri Garey said...

Okay, I'm trying to keep my eyes on the hunks, but the pictures of Kimmi are cracking me UP! LOL (Oh, and I can pick the "weird" guy out of the lineup just by looking at him!)

Thanks for sharing, Janice!

Betty Hanawa said...

what a great time!

Prisakiss said...

Darn girl, what a great time!!! I looooved Lindsey's costume. Looks and sounds like you guys had a fun time, and all in the name of celebrating the romance genre!!!

Thanks for sharing the pics.


Mona Risk said...

Great pictures, Janice. It was nice seeing you at RT.

Trish Milburn said...

Cool pix, Janice. You already have them up and I haven't downloaded mine yet!

The cover model competition was a lot more fun than I thought it'd be. I guess I was expected a lot of skeezy cheese factor, but like Janice said, the guys I met were really nice.

Rita Hayle said...

Hi. I had to laugh because I agree completely, and I could pick Mr. Zoolander and the icky one out without even thinking about it.

stephhale said...

Thanks for posting the winners, Janice. I had to leave on Saturday and was dying to know who won. I'm with you about James Gaskin. He was a total doll and sweet to boot. Sigh. :)

Janice Lynn said...

Carla, you're right about Lindsey being a cute 7th. :)

Diane, would love to have seen you at RT. Maybe Orlando?

Janice Lynn said...

Very yum, Tawny. :)

The scenery really was fab at the parties, Marlene. Particularly the faerie ball. LOVED IT. :)

Oh Terri, the really good pics of Kimmi haven't even been posted yet. :)

Pris, great to see you here!

Rita, I grinned when I read your comment. Yep, easy to tell, isn't it? ;)

Steph, sorry you had to leave and that you missed the competition. It was fabulous. :) I've got lots more pics that I'll be posting. :)

Anonymous said...

Theres a group of us soooo happy Chris won! Very handsome with a heart of gold and a personality that doesnt stop.

Anonymous said...

Yummy, happy Chris won, definitely would had my vote lol. Everyone had a blast Im sooo going next year lol


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