Monday, April 21, 2008

More RT pics--friends

I'm labeling this blog friends, because I'm dedicating it to friends I got to see at RT.

My playmates--me, Kathleen Long, C.L. Wilson, & Lindsey Brookes. This was at Heather Graham's Vampire ball. Lots of fun!American Title finalists! There were lots of us from the contest in attendance. Hard to believe this year was the fourth AT contest!

Below is Mona Risk, me, & Lindsey Brookes. We were striking a pose. ;)
Can anyone say WET NOODLE POSSE? Trish Milburn, Colleen Gleason, & me.
A picture of myself and the very beautiful, glamorous, and dedicated romance advocate Michelle Buonfiglio. Patrice Michelle & I after the Dorchester party. Patrice writes for EC & Silhouette Nocturne. HOT books. :)On the day I arrived another Wet Noodle Posse gal, Anna DeStefano, and I got autographs from the Ellora's Cave models.
Trish Milburn & I having fun at the Dorchester party.
Last but certainly not least is Andrei Claude & myself. Andrei & I first met in 2005 when I won the American Title contest & he won the Mr Romance contest. He's such a great guy. Classy, intelligent, a gentleman, Italian (need I say more?), and just all around fabulous. It was a pleasure seeing him again.


Mona Risk said...

Thanks for the pictures. What a great convention. It was my first RT and I had a blast.

Esri Rose said...

Great pictures! Thanks so much for posting them! You all look lovely.

(That Italian cover model is extra-purty. I LIKE.)

Terri Garey said...

Ah, Janice, you saved the best picture for last, didn't you? *sigh*

You all looked like you were having SO MUCH FUN! I can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

Can I have the Italian? I'd be really, really nice to him. I promise. ;)

Anonymous said...

Terri, I thought you might like that last one...tee hee. You know the remedy to not being able to stand it? Come to RT next year. It's a great time.