Thursday, March 16, 2006

My first Pubbed Final!

Yes, I was a total contest diva before publishing & I entered quite a few contests. Since selling I've only entered three. The first of those announced yesterday & OMG!!!! I got a call. It was such a thrill. It's been so long since I've had the high of getting that kind of call that it felt pretty darn amazing!! & to make things even more special, my fabo pal Kathleen Long finaled, too. Okay, so we're facing up against each other & every time we did that as unpubs she whupped my butt by winning first place to my second place, but I adore her writing & her, so I graciously bow to her talents---particularly since Cherry On Top is an awesome story--I mean, I critiqued the thing, so I KNOW it's awesome. ;)

Congrats to all the finalists!!!! Lots of wonderful books on this list!!

2006 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Contest Presented by Southern Magic, RWA’s Birmingham Chapter

Southern Magic is proud to announce the finalists for the 2006 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest for published authors. Finalists shown in alphabetical order.

Kresley Cole, If You Dare
Jackie Ivie, Tender Is the Night
Sabrina Jeffries, To Pleasure a Prince
Jenna Petersen, Scandalous
Paula Quinn, Lord of Desire

Nikki Arana, The Winds of Sonoma
Dorothy Clark, Joy for Mourning
Margaret Daley, A Mother for Cindy
Denise Hunter, Saving Grace
Gail Gaymer Martin, Finding Christmas

Gail Barrett, Where He Belongs
Nina Bruhns, Hard Case Cowboy
Joanne Rock, Silk Confessions
Linda Warren, Forgotten Son
Bonnie K. Winn, Rules of Engagement

Toni Blake, Brushstrokes
Jasmine Haynes, Double the Pleasure
Linda Warren, Merry Texmas
Leigh Wyndfield, Night Heat
Leigh Wyndfield, White Heat

Shana Abe, The Smoke Thief
Catherine Mulvany, Shadows All Around Her
Patti O’Shea, Through a Crimson Veil
Susan Squires, The Companion
Dolores J. Wilson, Little Big Heart

Kelsey Roberts, Charmed and Dangerous
Kelsey Roberts, Chasing Secrets
Kelsey Roberts, Film at Eleven
Roxanne Rustand, Back in Texas
Carol Stephenson, Courting Danger

Jeanie London, In the Cold
Brenda Novak, Every Waking Moment
E. C. Sheedy, Killing Bliss
Roxanne St. Claire, Killer Curves
Roxanne St. Claire, Kill Me Twice

Carolynn Carey, A Summer Sentence
Linda Conrad, A Scandalous Melody
Karen Kendall, First Date
Tanya Michaels, Spicing It Up
Roxanne St. Claire, When the Earth Moves

Marcia Evanick, Harbor Nights
Dorien Kelly, Hot Whispers of an Irishman
Kathleen Long, Cherry on Top
Janice Lynn, Jane Millionaire
Jennifer Skully, Sex and the Serial Killer

Winners will be announced around April 29.


Lisa Manuel said...

I saw your name on the finalists list the other day and was so thrilled for you! Congratulations! I'll have fingers and toes crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Janice!

Janice Lynn said...

Thanks Lisa & Kendra! I'm still in shock! :)