Monday, May 22, 2006

RT 2006 Photos

Y'all may remember my mentioning a fabulous site for romance readers & authors called Romance: B(u)y the book. I got to meet Michelle Buonfiglio. What a sweetie!! Yes, I'm biased because I loved her review of Jane Millionaire, but she really is a wonderful person and a great advocate for the romance genre...and she's gorgeous to boot.

Gerri Russell won the American Title Two contest & this is her awesome cover & fab Sr. Editor Chris Keesler!

The American Title Two finalists, Liz, Faygie, & Carol from RT, & me at breakfast on Friday morning at the Mai Tai bar.

Janice with fabulous Dorchester author Cindy Holby!

Two hot biker babes...okay, so it's really American Title Two winner Gerri Russell & myself disguised as two hot biker babes, but come on, who can tell the difference?? (VBG!)

Have I mentioned how much fun I had at the Dorchester party??? It was such a blast. We closed the par-tee down that night!!! & how!!!

Debra Parmley, Gerri Russell, Michele Young, & moi dressed up for the Dorchester biker/rock & roll party. Yes, those chaps did come off after about 30 minutes of dancing.

Okay, so I have lots more pics I want to share with you & I'll post them later since this post is getting a bit long. Catch ya soon!

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Trish Milburn said...

What fun pictures! You all look like you had a ball.