Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

Last night, my sister and I took our parents to watch Dancing with the Stars. I've mentioned it here before, but I'm not much of a television person. I'd never seen a single episode. Yes, I live under a rock. But truth is, I hadn't. So my first Dancing with the Stars experience was live--which was actually way cool!

We bought our tickets because my Mom LOVES Helio & Julianna. I mean, she's ga-ga over them. Not quite in the way I USED to be over Matthew, but close.

We didn't get to meet Helio or Julianna in person, but we were fortunate enough to get to meet Brian Fortunaand Mark Ballas!And we got to meet Ednyta (sp?). She was totally amazing! All the dancers were. It was a really great show and made me wish I had an iota of their talent!We did get to see Helio several times when he and Julianna danced. My Mom was thrilled with he came out in his "bananna" suit. LOL. Here he is with Wayne Newton and Monica from High School Musical.

I may break down and watch Dancing with the Stars when the new season starts up in March...Actually I'm looking forward to it!


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

What fun Janice. Your mom is gorgeous!! I haven't spent much time watching the show, but after seeing your photos, I think I might give the show a try.

Janice Lynn said...

Aw! Thanks Marlene. I'll be sure to tell my Mom as that'll make her day.

I haven't watched a show regularly since Ally McBeal and the X-files--Lord, that's been like forever ago, hasn't it? But I have this feeling I'm not going to be able to resist DwtS when the new season starts up.

Anonymous said...

hey janice!
looks like you had fun. i just want to tell you that:
instead of monica from HSM it's really Monique
and instead of julianna it's really julianne.. well just wanted to let you know. glad you had fun and your mom did as well.

Janice Lynn said...

LOL. Leave it to me to get stars' names wrong. Oops. Well, regardless of the fact I hacked their names up, they were awesome that night & I really did enjoy watching them. Thanks, roro01 for letting me know. That way when I flash my huge stack of pics from that night I will at least get those two names right now. As long as I get Helio's name right, my Mom won't notice anything else. ;)