Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oops! I did it again!

I went wayyyyy too long in between blogs that is. :) I never mean to, but sometimes things happen. Like deadlines that sneak up on you and you find yourself literally still working on the book the day it's due. I got it finished and am happy with how it turned out, but it really did come down to the wire. If I'd had to mail it the old fashioned way I'd have been in trouble, though. :)

Look what I popped over to share though!!

The Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell by Janice Lynn

Surprise baby!GP Melissa Conner steeled herself to tell her partner her news: James, the man who'd always insisted he never wanted kids, was going to be a daddy!Only A&E consultant James Stanley dropped his own bombshell first—unhappy with the way work had overtaken their relationship, he was leaving! And then he discovered Melissa's pregnancy. A baby would re-open long-painful scars from his past. But he still loved Melissa, and after the ultrasound scan he was surprised to find he loved his unborn baby, too. Could this tiny scrap of life bring these two complex souls back together again? Yes, he hoped so… Be swept away by Janice Lynn's deeply moving and emotional debut novel!
List Price: $ 4.25
Our Price: $ 3.40
You Save: $ 0.85 (20%)
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Harlequin Medical Romance
Jan 2008
Category: Tender Romance
ISBN: 9780373066346 (#334)

I think this link will take you directly to eHarlequin if you want to have a look at the real thing. I tried to paste it in above, but I'm techno-challenged. :)

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