Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I heard a rumor!

That my Matthew has been cheating. Okay, so I knew he was using what's her name as a cover--after all, I am already taken. But he was NOT supposed to get her pregnant. Sigh. It is with much sadness that I'm declaring an end to my fantasy affair with Matthew. I just don't mess around with men who are expectant fathers. Not even in my fantasy world. There's something sacred about a pregnant woman that should be cherished and revered, so....congrats to Matthew and what's her name. ;) I wish you much happiness and success as parents.

Of course, if the rumor turns out not to be true...;)

Actually, I hope it is. I can not imagine being in my late thirties and not having that someone special in my real life (as opposed to my fantasy life occupied with Matthew). I can't imagine not having children. Motherhood is the one thing in my life that I'd hang on to until the very end. My children are my whole world. And as fun as it is to post pictures and to make silly posts about Matthew, I have a good life and would want the same for him--for everyone, really. The world would be a much better place if we were all happy with our personal lives.

I got tickled today because I had several friends--writers and none--send me fun emails. Some of them even signed from "Matthew". LOL. All of them made me laugh out loud. One from my pal Dangergirl totally cracked me up. In that note, "Matthew" was begging for my forgiveness. Of course, I jotted a response back to "Matthew" and told him that we were through and that I planned to take Daniel Craig up on his persistent offers to show me why they call him 007. ;) Currently, I'm playing under the slide with Daniel over at the playground and considering his pleas for me to become Bond girl #1.

FYI, I'm doing a booksigning this weekend from 12-4 at the Coffee County Manchester Public Library. And that night I'll be in Nashville to go to the Dancing with the Stars tour! Woo hoo.
Not that I've ever watched a single episode, but my sister and I are taking our Mom & Dad. My Mom is absolutely crazy about that show and adores Helio. I wish I could have gotten her table seats, but I didn't learn of the show until this week and just bought the tickets last night. Guess I should be grateful we were able to get tickets at all.

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