Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Win a copy of The Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell

I blogged over at http://writersatplay.com/wordpress/ today and from those who post a comment a name will be drawn to win a copy of my first Medical romance novel, The Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell. Yea! I'm really excited about this release--I know you can't tell. ;)

My post there is entitled Seducing the Muse and anyone can post so go do so. And be sure to check out that blog on a routine basis because there are some fabulous goodies going to be given away. Heck, I'm hoping to win a few of them....wonder if playmates are automatically disqualified....hmmm.....


motherearthmelissa said...

Hey there! Imagine my surprise while searching my name online I find I'm the starin this book by Janice Lynn!! Well I'd love to win a free copy of the book about my namesake,since I'm not really a GP Dr. and have no income as such!!Thanks!!
The real Melissa Connoras!!

Janice Lynn said...

Hi Melissa Connors! I would like to take full credit for your namesake, but my editor actually changed my original hero and heroine's name as they were too "old-fashioned". actually, I can't complain because I really like Melissa and James. But I never would have chosen James as it's my dad's name...and my youngest son's. Just wouldn't have been able to write a hero called my dad's name and my youngest son's name and my actually get into the character as a hunk.

Of course one of my dearest friend's husband and daughter are James and Melissa and she's already told me she can't read this one... ;)

So, the real Melissa Connors, the winners of the books were actally already chosen over at www.writersatplay.com/wordpress/ and at the Romancebandits site, but if you check back here, I'll be giving away more copies soon and with a name like yours--you should feel lucky. ;)