Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Lillian Darcy made the Medical Authors very proud with her Rita nominee!
Since she won the 2008 Best First Book RITA, Terri Garey presented the award for the 2009 winner! Kathleen Long's name on the big screen!
Lindsey Brooke's Golden Heart moment! Okay, the second of her Golden Heart moments because I didn't catch the first nominee when it flashed across the screen. Her Series Contemporary nominee was the very first one to go up on the screen. :)Shoshana Brown is a darling young adult author who I know from From the Heart Romance Writers! She won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Another pal also won--Kim Law who is a co-member of the Music City Romance Writers. :)
The very beautiful (shall I say "Perfect"? Yep, I shall, but I'm going to duck while saying it. LOL! ) Terri Garey. Lisa Childs, Lindsey Brookes, & me! on the back row of the VIP seating section of the RITA/GOLDEN HEART award ceremony. :)

Me and RITA nominee for best series romantic suspense Kathleen Long!

I'm currently on my way to North Carolina for a weekend on the river. Will be back online Sunday and will post more pictures. :)


Terri Garey said...

Okay, girl - you're lucky you're out of reach of my perfect hands, or you'd have a spanking coming! :-)

Love the photo of you, Kimmi and Lisa!

Janice Lynn said...

Oh, now, Terri, you know you'll always be perfect in my eyes. ;)

Janice~who survived the river and only heard Deliverance music once...or twice...or...okay, so there were a lot of people with really weird senses of humor. ;)