Monday, July 20, 2009

More RWA 2009 pictures

My conference roomies! Beth Andrews & Rita nominee Kathleen Long.
Two of my favorite people who traveled a LONG way to attend conference! My dear pal Tawny Weber wasn't able to attend conference this year (who needs a new house? I mean, really???) and we missed her so much! During the conference we video conferenced with Tawny. Wasn't as good as real life, but was fun talking to her! Back to the Harlequin Party--can you tell I had lots of fun there??

Some of the yummy food served at the Harlequin party!And, of course, there was the fabulous chocolate fountain with fresh fruit that I posted a pic of yesterday. YUM! I'm sure I didn't get pics of all the dessert tables set up, but I wanted to give you an idea of some of the goodies served!

Beth Andrews & Janice!Anna Sugden & JaniceVery talented Harlequin authors on the dance floor! :)

Doing the "Thriller" dance. Yes, our hands are in the were wolf pose. ;) LOL.
I'll post more pictures tomorrow night. :)


Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Wonderful photos, Janice. Makes me so sad I missed hugs this year. You all look absolutely gorgeous and I so loved seeing the photos so far.

Hugs and smoochies.

Janice Lynn said...

I wish you'd been there too Paisley!! Just wasn't the same without you and all those Gerard pics hanging in the hotel room!!!

Terri Garey said...

Okay, I won't even mention how weird it is that most of your pictures are of the dessert tables :-), and just say how much fun I had hanging out with you again! And don't you just love Keith with the longer hair? LOL