Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RWA photos continued...

While at conference I attended some fab workshops. The best of the bunch (no, I'm not biased--much. ;) was moderated by the great Anna Sugden and given by Beth Andrews, Kathleen Long, and Harlequin Blaze Senior Editor Brenda Chin. Before the Rita/Golden Heart Award ceremony a bunch of us went to a restaurant in the hotel to eat. Unfortunately it took forever to get our food. I was supposed to be downstairs at 7:15 and I didn't leave the restaurant until 7!!! On the plus side I had absolutely no time to stress over make-up and hair--although perhaps I should have, eh? LOL.

Lisa Paitz-Spindler & Leslie Dicken at the restaurant.

Terri Garey & Lindsey Brookes with Beth Andrews in the backgroun. :)

I'll post photos from the RITA/GOLDEN HEART ceremony tomorrow. :)

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