Monday, December 12, 2005

Call off the search!

I'm not lost or missing, just negligent on keeping up with my posts. Life has been nutty! Okay, my life is always nutty, but lately more so than usual. :) Thursday my dad went into the hospital with chest pain and that through my life out of kilter. Needless to say all the things that are so important in my day to day life fell to no importance at all. Fortunately, my dad is okay and he aced his cardiac stress test. He's home and feeling better. Yea!!!

My husband and oldest two boys went backpacking this weekend (yes, it was colder than an iceberg's bottom) and camped. The youngest two & I hung out with my parents and curled on the sofa watching Christmas movies. Okay, so I wrote a bit, too. My self-imposed deadline for the sequel to Jane Millionaire is by the end of the year. I'm 309 pages in, so hopefully I'll make it.

I had a really cool thing happen today. I've pitched an article to RWR magazine once before, but unfortunately they'd already bought a similiar one. So, being thick-headed female that I am, I pitched another. & they picked it up! Woo hoo!!! It'll be in the August 2006 issue.


Anonymous said...

GO Janice GO!

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