Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Postal Worker

I have a few friends who I send 'gag' Christmas gifts. Gag in the sense that it's not your usual kind of gifts. Anyway, for Christmas this year, I put together several fun gifts for one of my pals. I bought things that would fit in this long, white tube and mailed them the week before Christmas. Unfortunately the mailing tube didn't arrive prior to Christmas, which surprised me because I mailed it Priority. The tube finally arrived! Empty. Ack! She called to let me know so I could go file a claim at the Post Office. File a Claim???? You have to envision me with my mouth gaped open and thinking, "I don't think so." as the image of my going into my local PO and saying, "I'm here to report that the big white package I mailed shot it's load at some point on it's way to Kimmi's and I need to file a missing content claim for a 2 lb sausage and a Bad Girl Clean-Up kit." Yeah right, file a claim.

The Bad Girl Clean-Up kit was one I'd bought already put together. It had the most hilarious sayings on the box and came equipped with moist toilettes and other such goodies.

The Sausage? You really should get your mind out of the gutter cause it's NOT what you're thinking. Two years ago during a From The Heart Award ceremony at the RWA National convention, myself and two friends were deemed "Sausage Queens" & given awards for such in front of the entire group. The friend who got the empty present was writing a book and was researching sausages because her heroine's mom was waving a sausage around while trying to pick up a guy for her daughter while grocery shopping. The friend was asking about weights & sizes for sausages, etc. A full fledged discussion about sausages began on this writing loop (a BIAW was going on) and things got a little...out of control. :) So, three of us were dubbed Sausage Queens. That's all I can say on the matter, because if I told you the rest of the story I'd have to kill you. ;)

I sent Kimmi a 2 lb sausage, the Bad Girl kit, a bracelet, and a few other goodies. Nothing real expensive, but things that I'd chosen to give her a smile. Needless to say I was disappointed that the package contained no surprises, but enough to go file a claim?? You have to remember I live in a small town. Everyone at the post office knows me. Knows me well. My mom bakes them Christmas goodies every year. Claim? The thought gives me hives.

So, while discussing the caper of the missing gifts with Kimmi, we got to discussing the happy postal worker and her delighted surprise when she found her very own Bad Girl Clean-up Kit and a 2 lb sausage. The jewelry and other goodies were just bonuses. Can't you just picture her smiling, recounting the tale?

This one time when I was at post office work... (said in true band camp intonation, of course) tee hee!

Oh! I didn't win the computer. :( Guess it's back to the bidding.


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Patrice Michelle said...

Heya Janice! I found your blog!

I'm cracking up at the lost mail!

I've added your blog to mine. Oh, please go vote for the title of my next Bad in Boots book!
I thought you'd enjoy some say-so in this title since you helped me come up with the title for Harm's Hunger. *g*

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Hey Patrice!