Saturday, December 17, 2005

Life's ups & downs!

Well, after my very lovely day on Thursday, my life went to the loo. My youngest had a stomach virus & I was up with him all Thursday night. Ick. Fortunately, he felt better and he and I slept quite a bit on Friday. Unfortunately I didn't get to go to my Christmas party at work. :( It was at a dinner theater and I'd looked forward to going, but kiddos come first.

Tonight was my Christmas with my family. It began with my 12 yr old starting with the dreaded stomach virus an hour before time to be there. We started to just all stay home, but my other 3 kids begged to go on to Grandma's since they felt fabulous & we were talking presents, after all. So, my dear hubby and the 12 yr old stayed home while I took the other 3 kids to my parents. Everything was going well, until my daughter's dinner came back up. Ack! We should have stayed home. I knew it from the beginning, but I gave in to their begging because I remember the magic of presents at Christmas time. This year I'm hoping for Matthew McConaughey under my tree. After dealing with several days of sick kids, I'm thinking I'd really run away with him if he showed up on my doorstep...okay, so I'd come back for the kids...eventually...maybe...okay, so I'd just go away with him for a weekend or two, but come on, I'm trying to forget about reality for a bit here. Puh-leeze. You're totally interfering with my fantasy here by reminding me that I love my hubby and kids and would miss them terribly even I was on a wild weekend with Matthew...perhaps he could work really hard to make me forget??? Or perhaps I could be having one of those Stetson, take me away! moments (hey, you can have your Calgon, I'll take my Stetson! ;) Anyway, after all the household yuckies, I definitely need a Matthew fix. ((Janice stares at Matthew's picture, wipes the drool from her chin, and stares some more.)) Ahhh, I'm feeling better already.

I did two interviews tonight. It's always interesting to see what people ask about you and your stories and your writing process. A lot of the questions are similiar, but then there's the totally unexpected ones. I'm currently the featured author at . I'll post the other links when they go live. :) I'm doing another radio interview on Tuesday morning. It's for a local station and is thirty minutes long. Hope I don't say Uhm too many times. My first radio interview is still on archive at under the Definitely Dana! show.

Well, I'm off to get some least, I'm hoping I get to sleep tonight. Two sick kids in the house, I'll be lucky if I get any shut eye time.

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