Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And the winner is...

Heidi Hogan!!!! woo hoo!!! I'd emailed Heidi earlier in the day to tell her that she was the winner of my Roses Every Month For A Year contest & she emailed me back her information and I called her!! What a sweetheart!! I was so pleased with her winning. Not because I knew her---I didn't. The drawing was totally random. I enjoy her winning because she was a total sweetie and was so much fun to talk to on the phone. Heidi lives in Louisiana and was hit by Katrina, so what a great, great thing to have happen to her in the midst of so much recent tragedy. Watch each month as Heidi sends me pictures of her with the roses she recieves. I'll post them here and on my website, too.

For those of you who entered, but didnt' win, no worries, I'll be doing lots more contests. As a matter of fact, anyone who's a member of my yahoo group is automatically entered to win one of five autographed books that will be given away on Valentine's Day! If you're not a member, subscribe at because you could be the next big winner!!!

No, I haven't finished my Jude book, but in light of celebrating Heidi's win, I felt Matthew was in order. :)

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