Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dreams Can Come True

I was looking for an attention catching title for today's post and the above seems as appropriate as any. No, Matthew hasn't come to his senses, dumped Penelope, and shown up on my doorstep to beg me to be his this Valentine's day--nice thought though. ;) It's more of what's been going on in my life lately.

One of my bestest friends in the whole world got her dream. The bestest dream of all. A baby. Writing buddy Kathleen Long adopted a beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth Anne (hereby after called Annie). She's absolutely gorgeous and the most wonderful blessing. You can see pictures at Isn't she gorgeous????

In other dream news, the good reviews are still rolling in. I got a fabulous email from LoveRomances that a review for Jane Millionaire had been posted. WOW! It's awesome and blew me away. I blogged about it at but basically the review goes like this:
Jane Millionaire is the debut novel for author Janice Lynn. Have you ever had a book from the moment you opened the cover and start reading it just latches onto your heart? Jane Millionaire is that kind of novel. Ms. Lynn has taken a reality concept and kicked it up to a whole new level. With exceptional writing, characters that are life-like, and realistic dialogues. Readers will find comfort, friends, and a few chuckles within the bindings of Jane Millionaire. They really do not get much better than this novel!

The full review is at:

Is that not just the wildest review???? Love it!!

Plus, on a very happy & dreamy note---I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE JUDE BOOK. WOO HOO!! It came in at 398 pages. :) I'm going to set it aside for a few days and finish reading a fabulous story by my pal Anna Sugden, then print out Jude's book and get it polished. I am soooo happy with this book. It really is a fun, fun story that I can't wait to promote because OH MAN! do I have big plans. Of course, I have to realize the dream of selling it first, but that's just a minor little detail....

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