Saturday, February 18, 2006

Two for the Money

I watched Two for the Money last night. Due to life I missed it while it was in the theaters--the horror! But now I own a copy and can watch at my pleasure. ;)

I actually enjoyed this movie much more so than Sahara. Matthew's acting was smoother and felt less forced. His character was admirable and all the scenes with him working out---YUM.

Al Pacino did a fabulous job, too.

I give this one a thumbs up!

Working on polishing Jude's book. I should finish this weekend. I love this story so much & am keeping my fingers crossed. It's been a whole two weeks now since it was sent out, you'd think someone would have called by now. Okay, so I'm dreaming, but hey, what's life without dreams? & y'all already know I dream big.

Smooches & have a fabulous weekend.

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