Saturday, April 22, 2006

In Phoenix!!

Wow! I've been on the run since Wednesday morning. Went by the radio station to drop off the baskets of donated books for the Tn Leukemia & Lymphoma auction. :) Can't wait for this.

Thursday--The Grand Canyon. I have LOTS to say on this, but I'm going to wait till I'm home & can download pictures. :)

Friday--got to see my fabulous pals Tawny Weber & Anna Sugden (both of which are Golden Heart finalists this year!) & meet several other fab authors. Lots of fun. Oh, & during conference dinner the Golden Quill awards were announced & OMG! JANE MILLIONAIRE is a finalist for Best First Book!!! How cool is that???

Saturday--Busy, busy, busy. I got to meet with my editor at Dorchester this morning to discuss Jessie's book & met with another editor who has 3 of my mss. Was a productive day. Went out with friends for dinner tonight & had a great time. Oh, & the book signing...I sold out! Almost before I sat down. Only had 3 left by the time I sat. Very, very cool & I just wanted to giggle each time someone I didn't know brought a copy of Jane up to me to be signed that they'd bought up before I arrived. How cool????? & just made me totally giddy.

Sunday...okay, so I need to get some sleep so I can tell you about Sunday.

Night all.


MJFredrick said...

Sounds wonderful, Janice! WHOO-HOO on the contest!!

Maria Geraci said...

Congratulations on the Golden Quill contest! Sound like you had a great conference!

Janice Lynn said...

Thanks Mary & Maria! It was a big surprise--a good one. :)